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What is HHC?

Hexaydrocannabinol (HHC) has been on consumers’ radar for a fairly short amount of time. In fact, most cannabis consumers haven’t even heard of the cannabinoid until this year.


HHC has been around for a long time, which we’ll go into in more detail in a bit. Other than that, it’s accurate to say that hemp product developments are hard to keep up with.

Fortunately, we’ve got some information that will help you understand whether or not HHC is for you. 


What is HHC?

How Is HHC Made?

What are the Effects of HHC?

Potential HHC Benefits

What is HHC?

The first recorded appearance of HHC was in 1944 when the American chemist Roger Adams hydrogenized THC, meaning he added hydrogen molecules to existing Delta 9 THC, the main psychoactive component found in cannabis. HHC is just the short version for the name of hydrogenized D9 THC molecules.

But the process is not only utilized in the cannabis industry. Hydrogenation is also used in other processes in the food and beverage industry.

At the time, it’s most likely that HHC was created using THC extracted from marijuana, a psychoactive variety of the cannabis plant with a high concentration of Delta 9 THC. But today THC can be extracted from the hemp plant as well, a non-psychoactive and federally legal variety of cannabis. THC can even be manmade with the technology available today.


HHC can also be found naturally in cannabis, but in very small quantities making extraction very cost-ineffective.


Even though HHC has been around for a long time, it has only been around in the legal cannabis industry for a few months; commercial production of Hexahydrocannabinol for sale is just getting started.

Top HHC Products on Hemmfy

At Hemmfy we have an already extensive, but still growing, collection of HHC products, including anything from gummies and chocolates to prefilled carts and disposable vape pens. Hexahydrocannabinol for sale is difficult to find, but not when you have one of the broadest cannabis-derived product collections on the market like at the Hemmfy Marketplace.

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A delicious strain-specific Indica HHC disposable vape pen with 900mg of HHC per unit, this Canna Kings product comes equipped with a rechargeable 300mAh battery. Even though the battery itself is quite small, it allows for extra portability and the rechargeable feature ensures that you will be able to consume the entire 1ml pre-filled vape tank.

Sunset Sherbet HHC Disposable Vape Pen by Cultiv8 Wellness

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This Cultiv8 HHC disposable vape pen comes with a 1ml pre-filled tank. Cultiv8 formulates this product so the contents are 525mg of HHC, 260mg of CBN, and 215mg of terpenes and hemp-derived liquefier. Sunset Sherbet is a Sativa dominant 60/40 strain with flavorful notes of tropical fruit and sweet cream.

Tropic Thunder HHC Cart by Hixotic

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Hixotic’s pre-filled vape carts come in extremely affordable 3-packs containing 1ml of vape juice each. The Tropic Thunder HHC vape cart is made from hemp-derived 

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Available in a single or 5-pack deal on the Hemmfy online marketplace. Each pre-filled vape cart comes with 1ml of vape juice and 950mg of cannabinoids per unit. Sour Diesel is a Sativa mix containing both HHC and Delta 8 THC. 

Blue Raz HHC Gummies by Canna Kings

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HHC Vibes gummies come in a sealed 4-count bag containing 25mg of HHC and are made from hemp-derived HHC. The Blue Razz flavor is our top-selling HHC edible on our website. This product is entirely U.S.-made and manufactured by Canna Kings.

How is HHC Made?

The process of making HHC may differ depending on how strictly the manufacturer adheres to federal regulations. Because hemp extract is federally regulated, most processes start by submitting hemp to an extraction process in an attempt to make a legal product.

While HHC is technically manmade, it is not considered an entirely synthetic compound. It’s made by isolating cannabinoids extracted from naturally grown hemp and then using hydrogen to change the molecular structure of those cannabinoids and a metal catalyst to make the compound react.

By using metal catalysts the entire process can be optimized. They are then taken out of the final product once the process is complete. How this is done may be difficult to explain because most manufacturers keep a tight lid on their production processes.

The hydrogenation and isolation processes change the way the molecule is absorbed and interpreted by the body, which is what accounts for the potency, effects, and longer shelf life of HHC.

What are the Effects of HHC?

It still seems to be too early to define exactly how potent HHC is. During the hydrogenation process, HHC is divided into two active molecules; one acts in a similar way to THC and the other, not so much.

The molecule that acts similarly to THC is said to be similar in potency to Delta 8 THC specifically. But this is merely anecdotal evidence, and even if there was enough clinical evidence, potency itself is anecdotal in essence. In general, HHC has been described to have milder effects than regular Delta 9 THC.

Users have also reported similar side effects to Delta 9 THC: anxiety, paranoia, dry mouth, red eyes, hunger, and insomnia are all common.

Potential HHC Benefits

It is, once again, too early to know if HHC carries any benefits at all. There is no conclusive clinical evidence that points towards medical benefits. What we do know is that HHC is consumed by users because it delivers a THC-like effect, which would allow us to assume that consumers also find the same type of non-medical benefits in it as they do with THC. Other than that, HHC benefits are very much unknown at the moment.

Hemmfy articles and blogs are meant to entertain and educate. However, we are not medical professionals and do not intend to give medical advice through them.

The knowledge around CBD and other cannabis-derived products is growing and constantly changing, as does their legal status. Hence, we recommend checking with your local authorities and a licensed physician prior to consumption.

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