The Best CBD Concentrates of 2022

It’s easy to find CBD concentrate for sale almost anywhere these days. However, it’s not as easy to understand what CBD concentrate means. Why concentrate? What makes it so unique, and how is it different from other CBD products? How do I consume it? Believe it or not, these are questions that most people have. 

The reality is that no matter how much of an expert, we believe we are on anything cannabis, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the evolution of the industry. As more and more people become interested in the ‘magically’ beneficial powers of CBD, more and more companies become equally interested in banking off of that impulse. 

Not to say that this is wrong, it just is what it is, and at the end of the day, it makes for a more competitive, regulated, and safe market, which in the long run will benefit us, the consumers.

Potential Benefits of CBD Concentrates

Generally speaking, CBD concentrates benefits are the same as those of any other CBD product. Meaning that the potential effects on anxiety reduction, better sleep, seizure control, pain relief, and many different positive outcomes linked to CBD as a substance remain the same with concentrates.

Concentrates are just merely a category of CBD extracts. The question that stands then is, what does this format offer me that others like oil and flower don't.

Because of how they're typically consumed, CBD concentrates can offer the following benefits in comparison to other CBD products:

  1. Faster Onset

Because CBD concentrates are usually consumed by inhaling vapor, the product's onset tends to be faster than most. For instance, edibles have to go through the digestive system, get broken down in the liver, and then the body has to fish out whatever is left of CBD from there. On the other hand, by vaporizing your product, you're bypassing the digestive process and absorbing the CBD directly through the glands in your lungs.

While utilizing the lungs to interact with smoke might not be the healthiest thing ever; it is the fastest way to consume CBD, THC, or any other product. Now that vaping and vaporizing are on our radar, we can also bypass smoke and do it with vapor, a much less harmful gaseous substance with the same carcinogenic properties as smoke.

  1. Stronger Potency

By making the product much more concentrated (hence the name), companies are ensuring that you're not only getting a faster onset but a more effective one as well. With more CBD quantity per unit of dry weight, the amount of CBD you inhale per puff increases.

But stronger potency doesn't necessarily mean better results. The effects you get from the CBD concentrate you're consuming will need to be aligned to the goal you want to achieve.

What is a CBD Concentrate?

By definition, a CBD concentrate is just a product with higher levels of CBD content per unit of dry weight than other products. Basically, it’s a stronger type of extract.

When CBD is extracted from the hemp plant it usually comes with a liquid runny consistency. This product is referred to as a hemp or CBD extract. Depending on the extraction method used it could be used immediately as a raw finished good, but if extracted using solvents then the product needs to be distilled to remove the solvents and diluted into a carrier.

CBD concentrates usually require a shorter step-by-step process to produce them than that of a CBD oil concentrate. The consistency of a concentrate is usually more solid and less runny than oil; from crumbly to glassy, to powdery, the many forms of CBD concentrate seem endless.

Here are the seven main types of CBD concentrate invented so far:

  • CBD Crumble: This type of concentrate holds a consistency reminiscent of wet sand or blue cheese. Crumble is almost powdery, but it may have a shape until manipulated.
  • CBD Shatter: Shatter is made by letting the sap-like extract from hemp drip onto a chirurgical metal tray. This sap is very dense and will solidify entirely on the tray. This glass-like structure will then be broken by applying forceful blows to it. Hence the name it carries.
  • CBD Budder: This type of concentrate gets its name from its butter-like appearance. Budder looks almost like a spread but has a more crumbly feel to it than peanut butter or jam.
  • CBD Rosin: This type of concentrate is made in the most natural way possible. By applying pressure and heat simultaneously to the hemp plant, a sap-like substance starts oozing from its pores. This substance is scooped up and then vaporized when ready to consume. The appearance of rosin will remind you of dry honey.
  • CBD Distillate: Feels a bit more liquid than honey and looks similar to olive oil. The distillate is often an additive to other CBD finished products like infused edibles and oils.
  • CBD Isolate: After going through any of the processes used to extract CBD from the hemp plant, the extract that follows is mixed with solvents to isolate the CBD content in it, resulting in a fine white powder that only contains CBD.
  • CBD Wax: This concentrate format is easily manipulated with a dense consistency that reminds you of candle wax.

Some people call distillates and rosin CBD oil concentrate, but all they are is CBD concentrates. When finished with the production process, CBD concentrates can produce other finished goods like oils, drops, and edibles. Don’t be fooled by the vast amount of terms used to describe concentrates, and refer back to the list above if you run into any doubts.

How to Use a CBD Concentrate

Concentrates can be used to produce other finished goods, as briefly discussed above. This may include making edibles and oils, but some concentrates are ingested directly. 

However, the primary use of concentrates remains vaporization. Using oil rigs or dab pens, consumers can vaporize concentrates and inhale them for a quicker and more effective onset.

The Best CBD Concentrate Products of 2022

Pineapple Express CBD Crystalline Shatter by Cannabidiol Life

Cannabidiol Life Pineapple Express CBD Crystalline Shatter

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Cannabidiol Life has crafted this Pineapple Express strain-specific premium hemp extract shatter. If you’ve ever tried the Pineapple Express strain, then you’ll know that it provides a pleasant feeling of relaxation and clear-headedness. This hemp shatter from Cannabidiol Life brings all those feelings to life in a non-intoxicating, non-psychoactive concoction.

CBD Crumble by Pinnacle Hemp

Pinnacle Hemp CBD Crumble

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Crumble is a fascinating concentrate that proves to be extremely easy to manipulate and vaporize. Pinnacle Hemp makes a high-quality crumble made from 100% industrial hemp extract in a 1g packaging with a total of 400mg of CBD. This crumble product is a dabbing product perfect for portable dab pens or stationary equipment alike.

CBD Terp Sauce by 7 Point Naturals CBD

7 Point Naturals CBD Terp Sauce

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Terp Sauce is a uniquely crafted concentrate packed with CBD crystals wholly immersed in a terpene-rich CBD formula and made explicitly to consume as a dab product with a 1 gram content and an 850mg potency. Each CBD TERP Sauce Pack by 7 Point Naturals comes in various strain-specific versions you may choose from according to taste.

CBD Concentrated Dab Wax by CBDfx

CBDfx 300MG CBD Concentrated Dabs Wax

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CBDfx is one of the most reliable CBD brands in the market today. Hence the call-out on their Raw Line CBD Wax made with filtered CBD oil extracted from organically grown hemp plants. This CBD wax is explicitly made for dabbing purposes, as its name tells, and with a potency of 300mg of total CBD, it works for up to 20 servings.

Hemmfy articles and blogs are meant to entertain and educate. However, we are not medical professionals and do not intend to give medical advice through them.

The knowledge around CBD and other cannabis-derived products is growing and constantly changing, as does their legal status. Hence, we recommend checking with your local authorities and a licensed physician prior to consumption.

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