The Best CBD Oil for Pets of 2022

The best CBD products for pets are, without a doubt, those manufactured in facilities that follow human safety standards. But this doesn’t happen in every industry.

Some industries, like the food and supplements industry, require facilities to specifically be designed to independently cater to the separate needs of animals and humans. You can see this in industries where things like allergies may come into play.

The same does not necessarily happen in the CBD industry because the way most mammalian bodies react to the cannabinoid is similar. In many cases, pet owners may even choose to give their pets the same product they themselves use. But this is only possible to a certain extent.

While the way mammalian bodies interact with CBD is certainly similar, in the same way that some people are bigger or smaller than others, pets are usually smaller than their owners. So even though many CBD human products may be used by pets, it’s highly likely that the dose used on pets will need to be adjusted.

This, coupled with the fact that dogs and cats may enjoy different flavors than humans, is why CBD oil for pets has a product category of its own, one that is turning into a market just as large as human CBD products.

This is why we’ve decided to put together a list of our best-selling CBD products for pets to buy in 2022. In this convenient guide, we’ve split up our selection by the best-selling CBD treats for pets and CBD oils for pets of the year. It just takes knowing how much CBD you need for your pet and the type of product you want to get them.

The Best CBD Products for Pets

At Hemmfy we carry a large variety of CBD for pets in an equally wide range of product categories including CBD oil for pets and dozens of different CBD treats for cats and dogs.

The Best CBD Oil for Pets

Eco Pets Calm and Comfort CBD Oil by Eco Science

Eco Pets CBD Oil for pets comes in two flavors, Peanut Butter and Bacon. This means that this product is probably oriented towards dogs, but if you happen to have a cat that loves either of these flavors, then it’s also perfectly suited for cats.

Eco Pets Calm and Comfort
CBD Oil by Eco Science

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Each bottle brings a total of 30ml of CBD oil with 1800mg of CBD total. On the product’s box, you’ll also find a dosage explanation that makes it incredibly easy to find an appropriate serving size for your pet according to its size.

CBD Pet Tincture by Pets Brite

Pets Brite CBD pet tincture is a little more inclusive than our last item. It comes in three different flavors that cover every end of the preferred flavor spectrum: chicken, peanut butter, and bacon.

CBD Pet Tincture
by Pets Brite

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Pets Brite CBD oil comes in 30ml bottles and two different potencies, 500mg or 1000mg of CBD per unit. Each bottle of CBD oil for pets is guaranteed to have zero THC.

Nature’s Pet Herbals CBD Pet Oil

Nature’s Pet Herbals CBD oil comes in 30 and 60 ml bottles with three different CBD potencies to choose from. There is the milder 100mg option, a mid-potency option of 300mg, and higher potency of 500mg that remains not too strong.

Nature's Pet Herbals
CBD Pet Oil

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Blu Moon Hemp TruBlu Bacon-Flavored Tincture for Dogs

TruBlue CBD oil for dogs seems to be a milder option at first glance. It comes in a 30ml bottle with 250mg of CBD per unit. But this is a lot more than meets the eye. TruBlu CBD oil for dogs is made using nano-emulsified CBD, which provides a better bioavailability and quicker onset.

Blue Moon Hemp Tru Blu
Bacon CBD K9 Tincture

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In other words, this CBD oil for dogs delivers its CBD to your pet with very little to no waste, ultimately making it the most cost-efficient option on the list as well.

Beef CBD Oil for Dogs by Perfect Paws Hemp

You can get Perfect Paws Hemp CBD oil in both chicken and beef flavors, but our best-sold of the year was beef, so we’ve decided to highlight that one. 

Beef CBD Oil for Pets
by Perfect Paws Hemp

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It comes in a 30ml dropper bottle and 250mg or 1000mg potency options. Every Perfect Paws Hemp CBD oil for pets bottle is made with full-spectrum CBD and tested to ensure less than 0.3% THC per unit.

The Best CBD Treats for Pets of 2022

This article is specifically about the best CBD oil for pets you can find online. But it is also worth highlighting a few of the best CBD treats for dogs and cats of the year:

Verma Farms CBD Infused Dog Treats

Infused Dog Treats CBD For Pets
by Verma Farms CBD

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Verma Farms CBD Dog Treats are accurately dosed with 5mg of CBD per piece. They are made using extract sourced from US-grown hemp from crops that follow U.S. quality and safety standards.

Elite Hemp CBD Cheese Wrap Treats for Dogs

Elite Hemp Products CBD
Cheese Wrap Treats for Dogs

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These 6.5oz. jars come with up to 100mg of CBD infused into delicious cheese wrap treats for dogs. These Elite Hemp CBD treats for pets are made with 100% natural ingredients that will keep your dog feeling tip-top all day long.

GoGreen Hemp CBD Soft Chew Bites for Dogs

GoGreen Hemp CBD Soft Chews are made using a veterinarian-formulated recipe that uses broad-spectrum hemp extract to guarantee 0% D9 THC in the final product. Use each soft chew as a treat, supplement, or addition to any dog’s diet. 

GoGreen Hemp CBD
Dog Soft Chew Bites

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According to the manufacturer, these soft chew bites have been specially formulated to help canines with pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, age-related issues, and overall health and wellness.

What Is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the main components found in the cannabis plant. Specifically in the hemp plant, a non-psychoactive variety of cannabis with a less predominant THC content.

While marijuana and THC remain illegal in many states, hemp and CBD extracted from hemp are considered federally legal as long as they contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC per unit of dry weight.

CBD for pets is basically the same thing as CBD for humans. The main differences are the flavors and serving potencies used in the end product for each of them.

Is CBD for Dogs Safe?

The best way of giving CBD to a pet is by first going to the vet and having a licensed professional dictate whether or not you should be giving your pet  CBD. CBD dosages for dogs and cats may vary widely when compared to each other or with a human serving size. 

The weight and size of your pet will play a huge role in the effectiveness of CBD. But other than effectiveness and potency, CBD for pets is safe as long as you stick to your veterinarian’s recommendations and the instructions on the product label.

Potential CBD benefits for dogs and cats may include anxiolytic effects, seizure suppression, and many other potential effects. However, none of these have been conclusively proved by clinical evidence and much more investigation is required to do so.

Hemmfy articles and blogs are meant to entertain and educate. However, we are not medical professionals and do not intend to give medical advice through them.

The knowledge around CBD and other cannabis-derived products is growing and constantly changing, as does their legal status. Hence, we recommend checking with your local authorities and a licensed physician prior to consumption.

Simon Cartagena

Simon Cartagena is a full-time cannabis copywriter. This has led him to write for companies like Hemmfy.com where he acts as Senior Content Writer and other world-renowned cannabis publications. Simon has created Content Marketing strategies and articles that have helped company revenues increase by up to 1,000%. Simon’s goal is to help people understand cannabis in an industry where misinformation seems to be predominant.