The Best CBD Shots of 2022

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that has been used for a variety of reasons, especially now that our CBD knowledge is stronger than ever before and hemp-derived CBD has been declared federally legal since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill.

Since then, all sorts of CBD products have made it onto the market, including  CBD-infused pillows and toothpicks.

The point is:

There are a lot of CBD-infused product categories to choose from.

Unlike pillows and toothpicks, there is a new product in town that has gained popularity quite quickly: CBD drinks. The reason for this is that CBD drinks are an easy way to incorporate CBD consumption into your daily habits.

Among CBD drinks, you’ll find a range of ‘sub-product’ categories, just like the one we’ll be discussing today: CBD shots.


What Are CBD-Infused Drinks?

What Is a CBD Shot?

The Top 5 CBD Shots of the Year

How Many CBD Shots Should I Take Daily?


What Are CBD-Infused Drinks?

CBD drinks are a fairly new trend that has been popping up on most cannabis enthusiasts’ radars. But what are they?


The answer is quite simple. They are any type of drink that has been dosed with CBD.

Premade CBD-infused drinks are often made with water-soluble CBD oil. This means that the CBD extract has been treated to be easily dissolved in water. In most cases, this also means that the CBD used has been previously nano emulsified.

Nano-CBD is a type of CBD that can easily mix with water, which ultimately makes it more bioavailable than regular CBD edibles. Not to mention it also delivers a quicker onset.

What Is a CBD Shot?

CBD shots are CBD-infused drinks that are modeled after 5-hour energy shots. They come in small plastic containers that can be consumed with one flick of the wrist and are usually designed to accomplish a very specific task, as is the case with 5-hour energy shots that are obviously engineered to provide energy for five hours.

A CBD shot can come in a simple CBD and flavor formulation or with complicated formulas that involve more functional ingredients. For example, the Eco Sciences CBD Energy Shot is made with a combination of essential vitamins, caffeine, and taurine with the intention of providing the consumer with focused energy:

Eco Sciences Eco Shot CBD Energy & Hemp Energy Shot

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CBD shots, whether formulated for energy or not, are meant for single use and will probably not become your main avenue of CBD consumption. They are meant to be a more specialized alternative that you will take in specific situations.

A CBD shot usually contains less than 100ml of liquid, 100ml being a heavy dose for a shot, and around 15 mg to 100 mg of CBD, depending on the goal of the manufacturer.

They are also typically more expensive per milligram of CBD but more specialized in their use, which means there will always be a place on the market for CBD shots, especially if other functional ingredients come into play.

In summary:

CBD shots are a convenient, quick, and more concentrated way of consuming CBD with diverse functionalities and a multitude of flavor options to choose from.

The Top 5 CBD Shots of the Year

If you’re interested in taking a look at our entire CBD shot collection, please feel free to browse here. But if you want to get a more specialized suggestion based on our top-selling and highest-rated items, then you’re already in the right place:

Eco Sciences CBD Energy Shot

Eco Sciences Eco Shot CBD Energy & Hemp Energy Shot

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As we’ve already mentioned, Eco Sciences produces this product specifically for focus and energy-boosting purposes. Each shot comes in a 2oz. bottle filled with 25mg of CBD. They are completely THC-free and come in a delicious mixed berry flavor.

Mile High Cure CBD Energy Shot

Mile High Cure CBD Energy Shot

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Mile High Cure is among our most trusted and most sold CBD brands. They make products that actually cater to a specific need instead of standard CBD products. This 60ml energy shot comes in two delicious flavors: mango and passionfruit. This epic shot provides a mixture of B-vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and antioxidant vitamin- E that help protect you against fatigue and low energy.

Mile High Cure CBD Sleep Shot

Allitom CBD Pure CBD Oil

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Like their energy shot, Mile High Cure CBD makes this sleep shot with a completely opposite intention: improving your sleep quality. It comes in a 60ml bottle and in two delicious flavors, watermelon, and berry. But this shot is not made with an energy booster but instead with easily digestible essential amino acids.

CBDfx Lemonade Chill Shot

CBDfx 20MG Lemonade Chill
Shot CBD Drink

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This comes in a 2oz. shot bottle filled with 20mg of CBD-rich hemp oil and 200mg of L-Theanine for a natural boost to your body’s defense systems. This delicious lemonade flavored shot is made from hemp extract sourced from organically grown hemp.

CBDfx Berry Chill Shot

CBDfx 20MG Berry Chill Shot CBD Drink (6-Pack)

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This 2oz. shot bottle is filled with 20mg of CBD-rich hemp oil and 200mg of L-Theanine for a natural boost to your body’s defense systems. This delicious berry flavored shot is made using hemp extract sourced from organically grown hemp.

How Many CBD Shots Should I Take Daily?

There isn’t a universal measurement to follow. The amount to take should be exactly what is suggested on the bottle of the CBD shot you purchased.

But we’ll rephrase that; there isn’t a specific measurement when it comes to CBD in general, and following brand serving recommendations is the best idea, especially if you are getting your product from a trusted brand.

How much CBD you take and how much you need ultimately depends on your tolerance to the cannabinoid and the goals you hope to achieve. Like any other substance, you don’t want to take more or less than you need, which is different from person to person. 

For example:

Some people go through multiple cans of Red Bull every day. In my case, I might take a sip or two when the chance comes up, but a full can will interfere with my sleep. The same thing happens with caffeine in general; I usually don’t have coffee after 4 pm because I’m extremely sensitive to caffeine.

The same thing goes for CBD. Some people have a higher tolerance to it, others not so much. The amount of CBD you take can be totally customized to your preferences and needs.

Most people recommend starting with a smaller dose of CBD and then slowly building up to a comfortable level. But we can’t really say that this is the best way to do it with CBD shots. CBD shots, as you would suspect, are meant to be consumed in one sitting, hence the term ‘shot’.

Hemmfy articles and blogs are meant to entertain and educate. However, we are not medical professionals and do not intend to give medical advice through them.

The knowledge around CBD and other cannabis-derived products is growing and constantly changing, as does their legal status. Hence, we recommend checking with your local authorities and a licensed physician prior to consumption.

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