The Best CBD Thanksgiving Deals

There are tons of positive effects that have been associated with CBD consumption. So many that legal CBD product sales surpassed the 2 Billion USD mark in 2020 according to some sources.

A sales curve that doesn’t seem to be going down anytime soon. Especially because hemp has been declared a legal crop since 2018.

With that turn of events, the CBD industry has made a lot of noise, and sales have spiked. Making it an incredibly appealing business for cannabis companies that were already in the industry in one way or another.

The effects of CBD, its non-psychoactive profile, and its newfound federally legal status have come together to turn many heads that would have otherwise steered clear of any cannabinoid. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of confusion around CBD and what it can do.

Aside from the fact that everybody seems to quickly understand that pricing is seldom affordable. Which is something that many brands in the industry are trying to change, including us. At Hemmfy we strive hard to get you the very best prices possible on CBD products from safe, legal and recognized brands.

As part of that effort, we have weekly sales. Some of which you’ll be able to access this Thanksgiving which includes cyber Monday CBD deals and Black Friday CBD deals. Taking you away from that stereotypical impression of CBD being this incredibly expensive product that only rich people have access to.

That said:

Let’s look into what CBD is and why you should know about it. Right after that, we’ll come at you with some product suggestions that we’ll be promoting this Thanksgiving with unbelievable discounts.


What Is CBD?

Our CBD Thanksgiving Day Deals

What Is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid that is naturally produced in the cannabis plant and is an extremely flexible component that has recently been deemed federally legal in the U.S.A. However, there are two ways to get your hands on CBD, one is CBD extracted from marijuana and the other is CBD extracted from hemp.

As long as your CBD product is extracted from hemp and contains less than 0.3% THC, then you can rest assured that it is a legal product. CBD is one of more than 113 cannabinoids discovered so far.

Cannabinoids are the main components associated with cannabis and the main reason why cannabis products have such a strong market following. THC is probably the most popular of this long list of components and is recognized for being the main psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant. 

While THC can also be found in hemp, it’s most predominant in marijuana. The psychoactive variety of cannabis. Hemp is a non-psychoactive variety of the cannabis plant that typically has a low THC content and a stronger CBD content.

Most CBD companies use hemp harvests as their primary source of CBD because hemp crops that comply with these standards are much easier to grow, in legal terms. Even though you can technically find CBD in marijuana as well.

While THC might still be the more popular of the two, CBD sales continue to grow and the amount of CBD products available does too. Making it a lot easier to buy CBD oil for sale online, along with other hemp-derived products like CBD for pets and Delta 8 THC.

One of the top areas of investigation and new product development for CBD is certain types of epilepsy. The only FDA-approved prescription drug in the U.S. with CBD content is an epilepsy medication called Epidiolex. Other than that, CBD products cannot be considered treatments or medications.


Several studies have linked CBD use to positive, groundbreaking effects in areas of stress, sleep, and anxiety. Yet, even more studies and positive results are needed to conclude when it comes to the benefits and effects of CBD.

With all this positivity surrounding CBD, the only ‘dent’ left to fix would be the difficult-to-afford pricing on some products. Something we aim to address with the following CBD Thanksgiving deals on some of the best CBD products in the market.

Our CBD Thanksgiving Day Deals

Up ahead you’ll find a list of products and brands we will be offering at a discount during the Thanksgiving holiday. Some of these will be available at a discounted price during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, while others will have discounts every week like it is traditional with our weekly Monday sales.

You can keep your eyes open and visit our website on the regular to make sure you do not miss out on potential deals. But we highly recommend you sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our home page to get insights and access to exclusive deals every week!

STRA8 Delta 8 Vape Cartridge

Pineapple Kush Delta 8
Vape Cartridge by STRA8

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STRA8 makes some of the best Delta 8-infused edibles and drinks in the market today. They have a DEA-registered lab that allows them to ensure safety and quality with every product they put out. The STRA8 Delta 8 Vape Cart comes with a built-in ceramic mouthpiece, a 510 threaded battery, a full 1Ml of organic, premium Delta 8 vape juice. Today we are featuring the Pineapple Kush flavor but you can also choose from a long list of strain-specific STRA8 Vape Carts to match your taste.

QWIN DART Delta 8 Concentrate 

Delta 8 Concentrate

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QWIN makes vaping products that specifically target Delta 8 consumers. All of their items are made with full-spectrum hemp extract that provides a balanced range of effects. The DART is a Delta 8 concentrate-filled borosilicate glass syringe that can be used in a variety of methods. This Black Friday you can find it for a discounted price, but if you choose to buy it now you will also likely find it at a discount of up to 38%. Each DART is filled with exactly 1000mg of concentrate.


Disposable Vape Pen

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The O-HIGH FU-BAR is a disposable vape pen that packs exactly 1 gram of THC-O. You may also choose between 11 different strain-specific flavors that you can use and dispose of to your convenience.

Vance Global CBD Hemp Flower

Vance Global
CBD Hemp Flower

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Smokable hemp flower is one of the most sought-after CBD products. It allows you to use CBD in many different ways and even create your own finished goods from scratch. Vance Global Smokable Hemp Flower is sourced from U.S. farms that use organic and pesticide-free farming practices. This particular product can be found on Hemmfy at a discount and is available in 3.5G or 7G presentations.

Redwood Reserves Wild Bourbon CBD Dab

Wild Bourbon CBD Dab
by Redwood Reserves

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Dabbing has become a preferred method of consumption for frequent cannabis users in the past decade. Redwood Reserves High Potency CBD Dabbing Concentrate comes in a variety of flavors to suit your palate. Dabs are a great way to experience CBD because they are highly flavorful and produce an almost immediate onset. The wild Bourbon 10-pack will be available at a discount on Hemmfy’s Black Friday deals.

Eco Therapy CBD Disposable Vape Pen Bundle

Eco Therapy CBD
Disposable Vape Pen Bundle

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ECO Therapy’s disposable vape pen line is made using all-natural botanical extracts. Each ECO vape pen’s formula has no trace of PG, VG, MCT, or Vitamin E Acetate. Each vape pen comes with a hefty dose of 500mg of CBD and an estimated 200-300 puffs per unit. 

This Cyber Monday at Hemmfy you’ll be able to get your hands on the variety bundle that includes all 3 varieties of vape pens, designed to address a specific moment of the day; the Relax, Revive, and Rest vape pen. The bundle usually goes for $90, but on Cyber Monday you’ll be able to get it at a discounted price of up to 25% OFF.

Nu-X CBD Disposable Vape Pen

Nu-X CBD Happy
Disposable Vape Pen

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Nu-X CBD products are developed by industry experts with proprietary manufacturing methods. Their CBD Disposable Vape Pen uses 100% hemp-derived CBD that provides a completely natural and smoke-free experience. 

Each Nu-X Vape Pen contains 150mg of CBD concentrate in every 0.5 ml tank. You can also find them in 5 exclusive proprietary blends that each address a different purpose. Whether it’s the Focus, Create, Sleep, Relax, or Happy disposable, you’ll know that Nu-X manufactures its products with a specific goal in mind.

25 Daze Later Delta 8 Gummies by Director’s Cut Premium Delta 8

Strawberry 25 Daze Later
Delta 8 Gummies
by Directors Cut Premium Delta 8

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Director’s Cut Delta 8 delivers high-quality Delta 8 products with enticing label imagery. Every single product is tested and crafted with high-quality ingredients.

Each pack of Director’s Cut Premium Delta 8 Gummies brings 25 gummies per container. Each of them was dosed with 20mg of hemp-derived Delta 8 THC. All gummies are made with fully organic, vegan, and all-natural flavors. You can get them in 3 different flavors; Including strawberry, pineapple mango, and blue razz.

Delta 8 Pre-Filled Carts by Custi Carts

Delta 8 Do Si Do Cartridge
by Custi Carts

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Each cart is designed to fit a 510 threaded battery and is pre-filled with 1ml of vape juice. Each pre-filled cart has been infused with high-end Delta 8 THC and uses 0 additives or fillers in its formula. 

You may find Custi Carts on Hemmfy in several strain-specific varieties that allow you to pick and choose the best strain and flavor for you. 

Delta 8 Moon Rock Flower by NURO

Delta 8 Moonrock Flower

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Moon Rocks are one of the favorite products among frequent hemp consumers. These extremely rare Delta 8 Moon Rocks are made using high-quality hemp flower buds that are then covered in D8-rich kief. 

NURO Delta 8 Moon Rock Flower is made with a 6-times-trimmed, climate-controlled cured flower bud which is then dipped in CGMP-sourced Delta 8 oil and kief. NURO products are made with naturally sourced ingredients grown and processed in the U.S.

Hemmfy articles and blogs are meant to entertain and educate. However, we are not medical professionals and do not intend to give medical advice through them.

The knowledge around CBD and other cannabis-derived products is growing and constantly changing, as does their legal status. Hence, we recommend checking with your local authorities and a licensed physician prior to consumption.

Simon Cartagena

Simon Cartagena is a full-time cannabis copywriter. This has led him to write for companies like Hemmfy.com where he acts as Senior Content Writer and other world-renowned cannabis publications. Simon has created Content Marketing strategies and articles that have helped company revenues increase by up to 1,000%. Simon’s goal is to help people understand cannabis in an industry where misinformation seems to be predominant.