The Best CBD Gifts for Friends with Anxiety

Anxiety is often triggered by repetitive day to day actions that cannot be eliminated from our lives altogether. These actions are more often than not extremely necessary, and even though they are the cause of our anxiety, they’re not exactly wrong. What makes them anxiety triggers is the way we react to them, and this is often a part of our personality and, in many cases, our physiological composition.

These situations can be things as simple as sending emails explaining difficult situations at work or having to cope with the new reality brought about by Covid-19. In other more severe cases, anxiety might be caused by neurological disorders. Whatever the cause for anxiety is, we can probably agree it’s not a pleasant feeling.

Common Anxiety Treatments

There are many treatments for anxiety. Unfortunately, we're not physicians at Hemmfy, so we can't suggest the type of treatment you should be trying. However, we can say that in many cases, anxiety is treated with medicine that has life-changing side effects, including side-effects like drowsiness, lack of energy, and foggy thinking.

Other more natural methods to treat anxiety are engaging in activities that keep the body busy, and the brain focused. Activities like early morning exercise, proper dietary habits, and engaging in positive hobbies are how thousands of people deal with their anxiety issues.

However, not everybody has the discipline for these, and even more, people don't want to be taking medication that can negatively impact other facets of your life. That's why pharmacological companies and everyday consumers have guided their attention towards natural products like CBD that show potential in helping manage anxiety and perhaps an alternative to what we identify as a traditional anxiety treatment.

How does CBD counter anxiety?

The truthful and straightforward answer is that we don't exactly know at the moment. Unfortunately, CBD research in humans is relatively young to provide conclusive evidence of CBD's anxiolytic properties.

We know that an anxiety treatment with CBD shows promise because of the way the cannabinoid interacts with the body. Some receptors in the body responsible for engaging with incoming CBD and activating effects have also been linked to anxiety-related behaviors. Some of the parts inside your body that could be responsible for anxiety are also responsible for activating CBD's effects.

Although these receptors' relationship with anxiety disorders is yet to be proved, and the way CBD would affect these bodily behaviors is, however, to be understood completely, the potential is enormous. If CBD shows to be a useful anxiolytic substance, we could be talking about a life-changing discovery.

What makes for a good CBD product for anxiety?

Like we mentioned above, CBD is yet to be proven to have anxiolytic properties. It has also been classified as non-dangerous by the WHO, meaning that the risk of affecting your body negatively by consuming CBD is low. These findings have prompted many anxious consumers to try CBD and experiment with it.

At Hemmfy, we do not suggest experimenting with CBD on your own unless you’ve done it before and know your body’s limits. It is always best to consult with a licensed physician that can assess your situation and determine if it makes sense to use CDB for anxiety and depression.

The Best CBD Gifts for friends with Anxiety

Stress & Anxiety Capsules by Oliver’s Harvest CBD

Oliver's Harvest CBD Stress & Anxiety Capsules

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Anxiety can come in many different shapes. For instance, part of the anxiety I deal with personally is having to be organized about how I do things. Some people call it OCD, but I choose to steer away from negative slurs. Regardless, I’ve found that one of the best ways of dealing with this type of anxiety is capsules. Oliver’s Harvest Capsules bring 60 total soft gels, each with 10mg of accurately dosed CBD Isolate. A THC-free dietary supplement is specifically formulated to provide a daily dose of calm.

Oil Spray for Pet Anxiety by Nature’s Pet Herbals

Nature's Pet Herbals CBD Oral Spray For Pet Anxiety

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Unfortunately, anxiety is not something that applies only to humans. It also applies to our furry best friends. Nature’s Pet Herbals has formulated an anti-stress & calming Oral Pet Spray infused with 60mg of 99% pure CBD extract. This spray helps your pet cope with the anxiety generated by events like fireworks, separation, travel, and plenty of other stressful situations.

Green Apple Chamoy Rings by CBD Edible King

CBD Edible King Green Apple Chamoy Rings

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Chamoy is looked at as an acquired taste by most people. For those who have developed a liking to it, there is not anything like it. CBD Edible King Green Apple Rings are the perfect chewy delicacy, spiked with a touch of Chamoy natural flavoring and 1500mg of high-end CBD Isolate. These chewables provide anxious people with a fidget activity and gives you a bonus of being an absolute indulgence.

Mango Kush Disposable Vape Pen by Terp 8 CBD

Terp 8 CBD Mango Kush Disposable Delta-8 Pen

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If there’s something we know about anxiety is that it pushes towards fidgety behavior. Whether that is playing with a fidget spinner, a pen, or puffing on a vape pen that keeps If there’s something we know about anxiety is that it pushes towards fidgety behavior. Playing with a fidget spinner, a pen, or puffing on a vape pen that keeps your mind and hands occupied is what you crave. Terp 8 Mango Kush is a conveniently disposable vape pen made with an Indica-dominant hybrid known for providing euphoria and rest feelings. The perfect strain to unwind and relax. Terp 8 disposables come with up to 400 puffs and include 0.5ml of THC.

Strawberry Cough Cartridge by Terp 8 CBD

Terp 8 CBD Strawberry Cough Cartridge

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In case your anxious friend is not particularly fond of disposables, Terp 8 also provides terpene-infused cartridges that they could use with their favorite vaping device. Strawberry Cough is a strain known for giving energetic focus that will keep a person focused on whatever motivates and drives them. But beware because Terp 8 products are THC infused, so you have to make sure that you don’t infringe any state laws.

Tropical CBD Vape Juice by Fuggin CBD

Fuggin 500MG Tropical CBD Vape Juice

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Some vapers with more experience prefer having large amounts of vape juice at hand so they can re-fill their device instead of having to go through disposable after disposable. Fuggin CBD makes one of the best Tropical Flavored CBD vape juices serving bottles of 60ml and 500mg of CBD per unit.


While conclusive evidence attributing anxiolytic properties to CBD does not exist yet, there is enough anecdotal evidence that shows promising results that make CBD a great gift for friends with anxiety The correct way to combat anxiety with CBD is consulting with a licensed physician who can assess your condition and make expert recommendations. It’s very common to find people that will suggest CBD for anxiety and depression, but unless these people are licensed physicians it really can’t be said if it will actually help your situation.

Hemmfy articles and blogs are meant to entertain and educate. However, we are not medical professionals and do not intend to give medical advice through them.

The knowledge around CBD and other cannabis-derived products is growing and constantly changing, as does their legal status. Hence, we recommend checking with your local authorities and a licensed physician prior to consumption.

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