A Father’s Day CBD Gift Guide

Finding the right father’s day gifts can be a tricky task to tackle.

Finding a CBD gift that fits your father ideally can be an even trickier task.

The cannabis industry is a rapidly growing one. CBD specifically has seen a long list of innovations and upgrades ever since it reached the mainstream market.

Since 2018, hemp and all hemp-derived products with less than 0.3% THC were declared federally legal in the United States. This list of federally legal products included hemp-derived CBD.

Since then, the pool of CBD products and brands that carry them has seen exponential growth. In general terms, it has resulted in a positive outcome for the industry but has made it harder for consumers to find the products they need, and ultimately, it’s made it harder to determine which brands they should trust.

We mention trust because the industry is still developing and far from being mature. So, even though it is regulated, regulation involving cannabis and hemp-derived products is still evolving itself.

That’s where a trustworthy online retailer like Hemmfy.com comes in.

With father’s day being right around the corner, we’ve decided to put together a list of potential CBD gifts based on the type of dad you have. Whether it’s a sporty dad or a father with a stressful job that barely gets any sleep, we’ve got a product suggestion for you—all of them from trustworthy brands that have passed every necessary safety and quality requirement.

Father’s Day Vape Gift Ideas

A ‘vape dad’ is not a strange sight to see these days. With tons of smokers making the switch from smoking to vaping, vape products have suddenly become a commodity type.

People seek out vape products as a first step to turn their health around; thus, vape dads are now a thing. Now that father’s day is here. Vape dad gifts are also a thing. We have a few suggestions for Father’s Day gifts for vapers.

Eco Therapy CBD Relax Disposable Vape Pen


Eco Therapy CBD Relax Disposable Vape Pen


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Vaping is the category of CBD products that has the fastest onset. Meaning it’s the fastest you’ll feel the effects in your body. But not everyone has a vape battery or doesn’t want to develop the habit of vaping. CBD disposables are a great way to avoid both of those things. 

They don’t require the user to commit to vaping by purchasing an expensive vape battery, and they fulfill the function of occasional use. The Ecotherapy Disposable Vape Pen comes with a hefty 500mg dose of CBD per disposable and allows dad to get 1 to 3mg of CBD per puff. Each vape pen brings 200 to 300 servings per unit and can be easily disposed of once finished.

Blue Dream CBD Vape Juice by JustCBD


Blue Dream CBD Vape Juice by JustCBD


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Just CBD is a reliable CBD brand that is committed to fulfilling the highest safety standards. They are also known for their incredibly delicious range of CBD vape juices. I might love berry-flavored e-liquids, which is why we’re suggesting JustCBD’s Blue Dream Vape Juice. But the brand also offers a huge variety of flavors on top of that one. 

If your dad is already a vaper, then it might make more sense to get him a bottle he can use to refill his device instead of a disposable one. Disposables are mostly recommended for first-timers, occasional users, and people who are traveling. But if dad frequently breaks out the vape pen, then it’s a better idea to get him this 60ml bottle with up to 1,000mg of CBD per unit.

CBD Gifts for Dads With a Stressful Job

I grew up with a dad with a stressful job. In my case, I was lucky that my dad had the patience and the energy to be still a great dad who put his family’s wellbeing before his. That included clinging to a stressful job that probably didn’t make him the happiest person in the world but made the sacrifice in the name of his family.

I know from first-hand experience that not bringing the stress gathered in the office can be a difficult task to accomplish. Especially if you have restless kids at home when all you want to do is sleep and get some rest, which would explain why sometimes dads might need a little help to cope with it.

Eco Therapy CBD Relax Mints


Eco Therapy CBD Relax Mints


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I don’t any longer, but I did use to have an overly stressful job. It was incredibly hurtful to my well-being and not a great way to go about life in general. But stressful jobs don’t have to be that intrusive. Stress can be present without being overly harmful. Which is something I’ve learned recently.

However, anxiety does tend to sneak up on you, and you’ll need a few tricks up your sleeve to cope with it. One of my tricks is having something to play in my hands or a mint that takes the edge off.

Eco Therapy makes a CBD-infused mint made with a calming blend of essential oils, cannabinoids, and terpenes that add to the habit of having a mint to cope with stress. Each container brings a total of 30 mints, each with a precise 10mg CBD dose. Some of the ingredients used include chamomile, ginger, and green tea extract, making these Eco Therapy mints even more relaxing.

Healthfull Hemp CBD Relax Tincture


Healthfull Hemp CBD Relax Vanilla Tincture


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The only issues that I find with CBD edibles like the Eco Therapy Mints suggested above are that they don’t have a swift onset and can be hard to take precisely. Not because the product isn’t accurately dosed, but because different bodies process foods in different ways. Some bodies could absorb all the CBD in the product, while others might only absorb a portion of it, a commonality between all CBD edibles.

Healthyfull Hemp’s CBD Tincture takes that disadvantage away. It is made with full-spectrum hemp CBD extract that can be consumed by placing a few drops under your tongue—allowing CBD to bypass the gastrointestinal system and be absorbed by the body a lot faster than edibles. We are calling out the vanilla-flavored tincture, but Healthfull Hemp CBD offers a ton of other flavors.

CBD Gifts for Dads Who Have Trouble Sleeping

Not being able to have a restful sleep could have catastrophic consequences. Not only for the person not getting the rest he needs but also for the people around him. Effects could vary, but the outcomes could even involve serious health issues. 

An extensive array of medical benefits have been attributed to CBD. These include anti-inflammatory properties and analgesic effects, but in this case, all we need from CBD is to help dad achieve the sleep he deserves [1].

When taken in larger doses, CBD has been found to provide drowsiness and better sleep. In some cases, CBD products are made with a blend of additional natural ingredients that promote better sleep patterns on top of what CBD can do.

Green Roads CBD Sleep Capsules


Sleep Capsules by Green Roads CBD


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Sleeping can be a huge hassle. For some more than others, but in the end, an annoyance nonetheless. Green Roads is a highly reliable brand that makes CBD capsules specifically formulated for people who have trouble sleeping. They are dosed with 25mg of CBD per capsule and 5mg of melatonin. Melatonin helps attain and keep a restful sleep, while CBD puts the body in a physical state that’s more receptive to it [2].

CBD Gifts for Dads Who Workout

If you work out, you’ll know that it’s often inevitable to go overboard with the training. Even if you don’t go overboard, it’s almost a given that you’ll have sore muscles at some point.

There are many ways to prevent muscle soreness from working out excessively. Proper stretching and using the correct weights for your tolerance are just a few of them. But sometimes you’ll need more than just what you can do in the gym.

Some people have to use mentholated creams and other topicals to get rid of muscle soreness, or at least to help them dial it down to a tolerable level. That’s where the almost magical analgesic and localized effects of CBD topicals can come in [3].

JustCBD Freeze Roll-On Pain Cream


JustCBD Freeze CBD Roll On Pain Cream


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Roll-Ons are one of my favorite products to use on sore muscles. I hate having sticky hands that are hard to clean even by using soap and water. Roll-ons eliminate that hassle. They also allow you to apply the product more precisely to the area that hurts.

JustCBD Freeze Roll-On comes in a 2 oz. container holding 200mg of CBD or a 3 oz. container holding 350mg of CBD. Its pain-relieving properties are further enhanced by the natural menthol and other essential extracts used in the product.

Healthful Hemp CBD Muscle Cream


Healthfull Hemp CBD Muscle Cream


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Muscle creams have long been used to prevent muscle soreness or to reduce muscular pain. If your dad happens to be a gym buff or enjoys training frequently, he is likely riddled with muscle soreness.

Healthfull Hemp Muscle Cream is packed with essential oils and hemp extract that helps enhance muscle recovery and localized physical relaxation. Healthfull Hemp makes this product based on the natural anti-inflammatory effects that have been attributed to CBD [3]. So if your dad has a chronic injury that frequently generates pain, a muscle cream like this one for daily use is an excellent thing for him to keep in his bathroom drawer.

CBD Gifts for Dads That Need a Snack Upgrade

I’m about to reach the age my dad had when he had me. The only difference is that I’m not married and I don’t have any children, so granted, my habits and daily activities might differ quite a bit from what his. 

But one thing I’m sure we shared, and still share in common, to this day is that we both fancy a delicious snack while watching sports or a movie at the end of a long day. This brings up the common issue with snacks; they’re generally not healthy and functional, even less so.

With CBD-infused edibles, both of these features go out the window. CBD is a functional ingredient and is sold in the U.S. as a supplement. CBD is something you can add to your diet to complete or enhance it.

So if dad already enjoys a nice snack while watching a ball game at the end of the day, then why shouldn’t it be a snack that is both delicious and functional.

JustCBD Dried Fruits, Protein Bars, and Gummies

I’ve gone ahead and listed all the snacks you could choose from in a single item. Not that they’re not all worth an individual call out, but everybody will have different tastes, and at the end of the day, you’ll want to make sure your dad likes what you’re giving him. Also, a basket of different snacks might make a lot more sense to give as a gift than a single jar of dried pineapple.

JustCBD makes incredibly delicious dried fruit infused with CBD isolate. The CBD-infused Pineapple Chunks are my personal favorite and definitely one you should look into if your dad likes that kind of thing.


JustCBD Pineapple Chunks CBD Dried Fruit


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If dad happens to have a sweet tooth, then go with a traditional gummy snack. JustCBD makes delicious Blueberry Rings with up to 1,000mg of CBD per jar. But blueberry is not the only flavor they carry, so make sure to look at their entire lineup before making a decision.


JustCBD Blueberry Rings CBD Gummies


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Some dads might be on the healthy end of the spectrum, or the snacks you’re looking for might be something that he can use on-the-go, instead of having to reduce his CBD intake to in-house use. If so, I highly recommend the Smores Just CBD Protein Bar. But if Smores is not something he could be interested in, then Just CBD has many more products to choose from.


JustCBD Smores CBD Protein Bars


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Hemmfy articles and blogs are meant to entertain and educate. However, we are not medical professionals and do not intend to give medical advice through them.

The knowledge around CBD and other cannabis-derived products is growing and constantly changing, as does their legal status. Hence, we recommend checking with your local authorities and a licensed physician prior to consumption.


[1] Grayson, L., Vines, B., Nichol, K., & Szaflarski, J. P. (2018). An interaction between warfarin and cannabidiol, a case report. Epilepsy & Behavior Case Reports, 9, 10–11. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ebcr.2017.10.001

[2] Shannon, S. (2019c). Cannabidiol in Anxiety and Sleep: A Large Case Series. The Permanente Journal, 23. https://doi.org/10.7812/tpp/18-041

[3] Atalay, S., Jarocka-Karpowicz, I., & Skrzydlewska, E. (2019). Antioxidative and Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Cannabidiol. Antioxidants, 9(1), 21. https://doi.org/10.3390/antiox9010021

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