Top 10 CBD Oils of 2022 [Brands & Products You Need to Know Of]

It’s challenging to decide on what product category you should buy into when it comes to CBD. The decision becomes even more difficult when you already understand CBD oil but don’t know what brands you should trust, the potency of the product you should go with, or any other specs that can prove crucial for specific purposes.

That’s where list articles like this one can come in handy. 

But we won’t be suggesting products based on our personal opinions, but based on what performs better on our website. Products that have the ‘consumer seal of approval’ comply with a series of critical quality and safety requirements that companies like Hemmfy follow. 

But before we get into that, what exactly differentiates a good quality CBD oil from a not-so-good one?

What Is the Best CBD Oil?

Although we don't really like giving this answer, we must because it's the right one.

As with any other consumable, whether you're talking about cannabinoids or not, the best CBD Oil is the one that works the best for your body.

Everyone is different from the next. Every person's body may interpret or absorb the same component in different ways.

In the CBD case, this is important because your specific physical condition will determine the potency and type of CBD oil that works best for you and your goals.

Let's start with the application method:

CBD oil can be consumed in different ways depending on the type of product you buy. Some oils are meant to be consumed via the sublingual application. Place a few drops under the tongue and let it absorb by the glands in the mouth.

Most but not all CBD oils can be diluted into a glass of your favorite drink or added to your favorite recipes. This is considered edible consumption, which on paper sounds nicer because it provides a tastier option. However, edible consumption comes with a downside.

Because edibles need to make their way through the digestive system, once CBD reaches the liver, it is broken down by the first pass metabolism process. CBD is broken down with the first pass, and most of the CBD content consumed may be lost.

Some CBD edibles brands have made their products' absorption rate a lot better by using micronized CBD. A type of CBD extracts with finer particles cannot be broken down as easily by the liver.

Other application methods include topical application directly on the skin, bypassing the liver, but it doesn't reach the bloodstream most of the time. That's why CBD topicals are often suggested for people looking to treat localized symptoms like muscle pain and soreness.

Your product's application method is one of the variables that will determine how much CBD your body will absorb. This is called the product's bioavailability rate.

Bioavailability is greater in products with topical and sublingual applications than it is for edibles. The product with the best bioavailability is vaped and smokable CBD. So if you're looking for fast absorption and quick relief, a vape CBD oil additive could be a good idea.

As you can see, picking the right potency and determining the best CBD oil has many shades. Here are our top performers and picks.

Top-Rated Hemp CBD Oil

1. Allitom CBD Pure CBD Oil

Allitom CBD Pure CBD Oil

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A Pure CBD Oil comes in a 30ml bottle with two different concentration options; 250mg & 500mg of pure CBD extracted from organically-grown industrial hemp. The carrier oil used in the formula is MCT oil, which helps provide a better bioavailability. The non-GMO formulation of the product contains no solvents, pesticides, toxins, or added ingredients. 

 2. Mile High Cure CBD Oil Vape Pen Cartridge

Mile High Cure CBD Oil Vape Pen Cartridge

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Every Mile High Cure CBD cartridge comes prefilled with a 0.5ml tank and 500mg worth of CBD hemp extract. Each prefilled cartridge comes in a different flavor from a long list of options, but we’ve decided to go with Gelato this time. Properly dosed, discreet, and 100% THC-free. This cartridge is third-party lab-tested and made with a high-end gold ceramic coil that keeps this unit classy as can be.

3. 7 Point Naturals CBD Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops

7 Point Naturals CBD Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops

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7 Point Naturals offers an incredibly potent product. With up to 2,000g of CBD per 30ml bottle, 7 Point Naturals CBD Drops delivers a powerful but not overwhelming effect that combines the joint power of CBD and a balanced mix of other cannabinoids that can only be possible with total spectrum extracts. If you don’t need 2,000 mg of potency, you also have the option of going with a 500mg or a 1,000mg bottle.

 4. CalyFx Sex CDB Oil Cartridge

CalyFx Sex CBD Oil Cartridge

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CalyFx Sex CBD oil is made with one goal in mind, enhancing your sex life. Although libido enhancement cannot be clinically attributed to CBD, many people find that CBD reduces sex-related stress, providing a reduced blood flower and the ability to relax, which are things that could make for a more satisfying sexual experience. Using a CalyFx Sex CBD Oil Cartridge, you get the fastest CBD onset available; this way, you can use it right before you need it.

The product is available in a 1ml cartridge made with full-spectrum CBD oil; third-party lab tested and 100% pesticide compliant.

5. Cannabidiol Life CBD Oil for Cats

Cannabidiol Life CBD Oil for Cats

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CBD Oil doesn’t have to be human-specific. Now, we’re beginning to understand that pets also have the right to live a healthy and happy life. Products like Cannabidiol Life Cat Drops offer an all-natural, organic, full-spectrum hemp CBD oil made to fulfill your pet’s specific needs. Each bottle comes with 30ml of oil dosed with 250mg of CBD, the MCT oil used as a base helps deliver a better bioavailability and is naturally flavored with Alaskan Salmon Oil.

 6. CBDfx 60mg CBD Oil Vape Additive

CBDfx 60MG CBD Oil Vape Additive

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A vape additive with 60mg of 100% organically-grown CBD, CBDfx makes top-notch CBD products extracted using an incredibly accurate CO2 method. Their proprietary blend of CBD Vape Additive can be added to your favorite vape juice or taken orally as a CBD tincture. 

7. CBDfx CBD Oil Vape Additive

CBDfx CBD Oil Vape Additive

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If you’re looking for something that provides a more potent CBD dose, CBDfx also makes a 10ml bottle of CBD Vape Additive with 500mg of total CBD. As with other CBDfx vape additives, you may also ingest this product orally or add it to your favorite vape juice.

8. Avida CBD Manga Mango CBD Oil

Avida CBD Manga Mango CBD Oil

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There’s just something about tropical fruit flavors that does it for use. This mouth-watering tropical mango blend explodes with taste in a formula made with all-natural, 100% organic ingredients. Manga Mango CBD Oil is made with CBD isolate, non-GMO practices, and a design that allows you to consume the product orally or vaped. Manga Mango CBD Oil comes in a 30ml dropper bottle with up to 1,000mg of CBD content.

 9. Avid Hemp CBD Full Spectrum Keto Oil

Avid Hemp CBD Full Spectrum Keto Oil

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Now, if you thought that CBD oil only came in small 30ml dropper bottles, you were wrong. Avid Hemp Keto Diet Oil boasts 1,000mg of full-spectrum hemp extract in a 475ml bottle made to dose your favorite recipes with a bit of wellness. This CBD product is made with an all-natural MCT oil that gives you the possibility of taking small amounts every day by mixing the product into your coffee or making incredibly healthy salad dressings using it as a base. The chances of how to use Keto Oil are endless, and the choice is entirely yours.

 10. Balance CBD Essential Oil Roll-On by Nu Bloom Botanicals

Balance CBD Essential Oil Roll On by Nu Bloom Botanicals

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Ten items into the list, and we hadn’t listed a topical application product. But here we are now, and we’re closing up the list with a strong finish. Nu Bloom Botanicals Essential Oil is a roll-on product made with nano broad-spectrum hemp extract that can be applied quickly and conveniently directly onto your skin. Nu Bloom Essential Oil is a water-based formula that allows for higher bioavailability and faster absorption.

Hemmfy articles and blogs are meant to entertain and educate. However, we are not medical professionals and do not intend to give medical advice through them.

The knowledge around CBD and other cannabis-derived products is growing and constantly changing, as does their legal status. Hence, we recommend checking with your local authorities and a licensed physician prior to consumption.

Simon Cartagena

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