Top 3 Best CBD Hemp Cigarettes

CBD Cigarettes aren’t far from what you’re used to if joints is something you’re familiar with. However, CBD cigarettes are not the most popular format when it comes to CBD, for some reason. 

Inhaling CBD poses some serious advantages over edibles and sublingual drops. It bypasses the digestive system's filtration mechanisms and delivers CBD to your bloodstream quickly and efficiently. The effects of inhaled CBD are also considerably stronger than that of other CBD product formats.

Even though popularity is not their strong suit, CBD cigarettes are becoming increasingly available in the market because they are a discreet and effective way of consuming CBD. Not to mention that if you’re a smoking enthusiast then it’s a great way to bypass having to grind and roll your own smokes.

If that sounds like something that satisfies your CBD needs, then this is a list you’ll probably be interested in taking a peek at. A list with 3 of the best hemp cigarettes money can buy.  

1. Chief Stix CBD Light Hemp Smokes

Chief Stix CBD Light Hemp Smokes

Chief Stix is our number one pick for the best hemp cigarette because they use 100% organic hemp flower to produce a tobacco and nicotine free product. Each Light Hemp Smoke comes with a generous dose of 50mg of CBD, which means every cig is on the stronger side of the spectrum when it comes to dosing. A Chief Stix pack comes with 10 organic cigs rolled with an unbleached filter and ready to smoke upon unboxing. With a dose of 50mg per smoke the intention behind the product is to provide a feeling of deep relaxation, allowing for you to feel anxiety leaving your body, your mood improving, and your mind staying clear. Paired with a smooth and pleasant hemp taste that does not overwhelm the senses.

2.  Snapz Strawberry Menthol Hemp CBD Cigarettes

Snapz Strawberry Menthol Hemp CBD Cigarettes

The number two slot on the list goes to Snapz’s Strawberry and Menthol flavored cigs. These cigarettes are made with organic hemp flowers and have a double filter capsule that will make things a bit easier for beginner smokers who haven’t grown used to inhaling smoke. Depending on whether you have a sweet tooth or would rather stick to the classic minty flavor, you can go with either menthol or strawberry (not that you didn’t already see that coming). As expected with a CBD cig, each unit comes with under 0.3% THC and a whopping 50 mg of CBD. Which means one smoke a day could actually exceed your needs, allowing you to share or save a half for the next day.

3. BLAZ CBD Natural Hemp Smoke

BLAZ CBD Natural Hemp Smoke

Coming in third is yet another naturally sourced and produced hemp cigarette. Free of any harmful chemicals, nicotine, and THC, which guarantees an addiction-free and non-psychoactive smoke. There are many other reasons to love this product, including its mild smoke and smoothly crafted flavor that settles on your palate almost instantly. 


BLAZ CBD Menthol Hemp Smoke

Your menthol smoke experience bar will be set higher after you try Blaz’s Menthol Hemp Smokes. A cigarette worthy of an honorable mention for a simple but still very popular reason; they offer the coolest inhale out of any other product on the list. Although cool in the inhale, this cig does not feel ‘overwhelmingly minty’ as it has been designed to balance out it’s menthol side with the slightly herbal flower scent of hemp. Simple, tasty, and convenient.

Hemmfy articles and blogs are meant to entertain and educate. However, we are not medical professionals and do not intend to give medical advice through them.

The knowledge around CBD and other cannabis-derived products is growing and constantly changing, as does their legal status. Hence, we recommend checking with your local authorities and a licensed physician prior to consumption.

Simon Cartagena

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