Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas [CBD Gifts Your Significant Other Will Love]

Valentine’s day is one of those holidays that could go two different ways for most people. You could either love it or hate it.

This, of course, will depend on whether or not you have a significant other to spend the holiday with, or maybe you’re just not one to express your feelings with grand gestures. A quiet dinner at home or a small token of appreciation like a high-end chocolate box might be the way to go if this describes your mindset.

If so, we agree with you, sometimes the best valentine’s day gift ideas are useful, low-key products.

But whatever it is, Valentine’s Day is a date you don’t want to forget about. Especially if you do have a significant other, that’s looking forward to it.

Worry not. We’ve got options for both scenarios, from the small and discreet type, as well as the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will help you win that particular person over.

With CBD gifts, you also have access to gifts at every end of the spectrum, from your traditional ‘romantic’ style gifts like a high-end dark chocolate bar to a hot and exciting gift like lubes and enhancement products for when things get a bit more intimate. 

You’ll find a CBD gift that promotes a healthy lifestyle for you and your loved ones. 

Not to mention a popular gift that pairs perfectly with the decade-long popularity of Valentine’s Day celebrations.

CBD gifts are entirely legal throughout the U.S. and 100% non-psychoactive.  

10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas You Should Know About

Most Valentine’s Day gift guides will concentrate on splitting up their suggestions as Valentine’s Day gifts for men or Valentine’s Day contributions for her. Still, the reality is that men and women could perfectly enjoy the same things. So, while CBD gifts for him might seem an easy way to distribute gift ideas, it might also make for an inaccurate description.

And ‘inaccurate’ will lead you straight to a subpar gift, which is not the goal here.

With that in mind:

Up ahead, you’ll find gifts split up by as many character profiles as we could think of.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for a Stable Relationship

If you’re in a stable relationship, then it’s likely that you’re at the point in your relationship where you feel comfortable gifting something a bit more ‘spicy.’ Here’s a list of items that we believe could be an excellent way to turn your relationship up a notch safely and healthily.

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Stay Wet Hemp Infused Female Enhancement Pills by Mile High Cure

Each Stay Wet pack comes with two hemp-infused pills that help HER perform sexually at a high level without any feelings of stress and anxiety. Which, as you might already know, are pretty standard when it comes to intimacy.

Stay Wet Hemp Infused Female Enhancement Pills by Mile High Cure CBD

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Mile High Cure’s Stay Wet Hemp-Infused pills are formulated with CBD to take advantage of all of the cannabinoid’s natural benefits on mood or mindset and combine it perfectly with other functional ingredients that will help increase blood flow and libido.

Stay Ready Hemp Infused Male Enhancement Pills by Mile High Cure CBD

Mile High Cure CBD Stay Ready Hemp Infused Male Enhancement Pills

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Mile High’s Stay Ready is the epitome of male enhancement pills done right. A 2-unit pack of male enhancement pills infused with hemp-extracted CBD oil. Each capsule will help improve male libido and blood flow while at the same time harnessing the natural power of CBD to relieve stress and anxiety in males. Stay Ready pills are meant to be taken before sexually performing and are a doctor-formulated item. 

All Natural Aloe Vera Hemp Lubricant by Mile High Cure

Lubricants often have a negative image in people’s minds. But lubricants are far from something you need to be ashamed of, and once you can get past that mental hurdle, they could become the tipping stone behind switching a subpar sex life to an enjoyable one.

Mile High Cure CBD All Natural Aloe Vera Hemp Lubricant

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Mile High Cure Lubricant was created specifically for people with sensitive skin. Made with Hemp oil and infused with an Aloe Vera gel base to relax the body and mind. Unlike other lubricants out there, Mile High’s Stay Ready Natural Hemp Lubricant does not contain coconut oil, which can alter the body’s PH and promote yeast growth.

For the ‘Stressed Out’ Type

People living a hectic lifestyle will always need time to relax and get rid of the stress that builds up after spending days on end at the office. Working long hours will have a toll on you, and there’s nothing like looking forward to a warm bath that will help you wind down.

JustCBD Floral CBD Bath Bomb

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Imagine if you could pair that warm bath with a bath bomb bringing all the naturally relaxing properties of CBD. That’s what you’ll get with JustCBD’s Floral Bath Bomb. Each bath bomb comes with 25mg of CBD that will engage nature's healing powers with an equally relaxing floral aroma.

For the Sleepless

One of the primary uses people have found for CBD is relaxing and entering a sleep-ready state of mind. A significant number of people around the world have found CBD to be a beneficial sleep aid. Not to say that CBD will sedate the person taking it, but it will help your partner reach a relaxed state that benefits sleep.

Mile High Cure CBD Sleep Shot

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Mile High Cure Sleep Shots help relax the body and calm the mind. They help people fall asleep faster and to reach a more reparative sleep cycle. By formulating shots that contain real hemp juice, Mile High Cure ensures you get an easily digestible mix of essential amino acids and CBD.

For the Beauty Enthusiast

Having beautiful skin usually takes time and effort. But Mile High Cure found the way to make your daily skincare routine be a relaxing time with a CBD Face Mask rich in vitamins B, C, D, E, and antioxidants that help rehydrate, protect your skin, and give it a vibrant aspect.

Mile High Cure CBD Face Mask

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Hemp moisturizes the skin by preventing the pores from becoming clogged with oil secreted by the body. This hemp-infused CBD face mask is safe for all ages and the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for a partner who would love to take care of their skin in a natural way.

For Someone With a Sweet Tooth

There is no romantic gift that tops a lovely box of high-end chocolates. Or at least that’s what tradition tells us. So we’ve clung to that belief and decided to up the ante with a CBD infusion that will make your chocolate gift stand out to your significant other.

Kat's Naturals Hemp White Chocolate Bar

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Luckily, at Hemmfy, you can take your pick from an incredibly comprehensive product portfolio that suits any palate. You could go with Hemp Peppermint White Chocolate or 70% Dark Chocolate infused with high-end CBD extract and made with organic cocoa. Or if dark and white chocolate is not what your partner likes, then a classic bar of Milk Chocolate infused with 200mg nano broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract could be the way to go. Ultimately, it’s up to you what you want to gift. Our suggestion, get a piece of everything!

For the Sports Enthusiast

Sports enthusiast gifts tend to become a bit dull and limit themselves to muscle rubs. Which, to be fair, is something we highly recommend as well. One of our top products is CBDfx’s Muscle Balm. An incredible product from an incredibly reliable brand that uses 50mg of deep tissue formula of hemp-based cannabinoids helps that sports enthusiast's girlfriend or boyfriend recover quickly.

CBDfx Muscle Balm

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But staying true to the intro on this section of the guide, we suggest pairing muscle balm with an energy shot. Mile High Cure Mango Energy Shot is a 60ml bottle of fruity-natural energy that's sitting there ready to go. Energy Mango Hemp provides B-Vitamins mixed with aminos that give you energy without caffeine products' usual crash.

Mile High Cure CBD Energy Shot

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For the Sports Fan

In case you have a sports binge-watcher on your hands, we’ve duly prepared. The best Valentine’s Day gifts are those that seem to have been made for that person specifically. We Be Pop’n Popcorn by Kana Korn is one of those products that seems made for someone who loves to crash on the couch and watch a game now and then. The difference here is that these popcorn are CBD infused with 125mg of CBD.

Drizzle CBD Popcorn by Kana Korn

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The End of The Road

If you still have no idea what would fit your partner the best after going through the list above, a good CBD gift card is always a great idea. It allows you to not mess up with the gift and your partner to choose whatever they like the best.

CBD Gift Card by Hemmfy

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Hemmfy articles and blogs are meant to entertain and educate. However, we are not medical professionals and do not intend to give medical advice through them.

The knowledge around CBD and other cannabis-derived products is growing and constantly changing, as does their legal status. Hence, we recommend checking with your local authorities and a licensed physician prior to consumption.

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