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Cannabis and Covid 19 Vaccines: Everything You Need to Know

The United States appeared to be on track to finally put the COVID-19 chapter behind it until a recent surge of Delta variant cases began to sweep the nation and put all of that progress very much in doubt. There has been a new rush by some people to get themselves vaccinated as this newest wave of disease takes hold. 

With that come many questions from those seeking information about the vaccine. We want to explore any questions that people have in regards to cannabis and covid 19 vaccines. 

Does Cannabis Make the Vaccine Less Effective? 

Are you worried about any potential connection between cannabis and COVID vaccines and how they may interact with each other? It is a fair question to ask yourself, and it is something that we want to explore in this piece. 

Many people have an agenda on one side of the issue or the other, and they will only want to give you their specific spin on what they think is happening between various factors. We strive to only give you the facts that are available via hard evidence. 

A lot of the concern may come from the fact that the CDC did warn vaccine-takers against using Advil or similar over-the-counter painkillers as they fear that those medications could lessen the ability of the vaccine to spread through the body the way that it needs to. 

Can I Smoke After Covid Vaccine?

Several cannabis and covid 19 studies have looked into how cannabis might impact the effectiveness of the vaccine, and so far there has not been any correlation between cannabis and covid vaccines [1] [2]. While all people should keep an eye on this in case any new evidence emerges, we can chalk this one up for the time being. 

Dealing With Anxiety About Getting the Shot: Is It Safe to Smoke Right Before Receiving It? 

Plenty of people of all age groups have expressed anxiety about getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Many are fearful because they do not fully understand the vaccine itself, or perhaps because they are just afraid of any needles or shots. The reasons vary from person to person. 

Some naturally feel the urge to turn to their favorite cannabis product to help ease the tension they might experience before receiving their shot. However, it is not recommended that anyone be high when they go to receive their vaccine.

But the information found on the relationship between CBD and the covid vaccine is very scarce. When it comes to THC and covid, it looks like you need to be in your right mind to sign the required forms that grant the healthcare provider the go-ahead to give you the shot. 

You are not allowed to legally consent to the healthcare option if you are intoxicated. A healthcare provider will very likely be able to tell if you are not sober, and they may very well deny you the vaccine on that day as a result. So best to keep away from hallucinogens and psychoactives.

Is It Reasonable to be Wary of Combining Cannabis and Covid Vaccines?

It is always reasonable to ask questions about one's own health and even to dig deeply into those questions to discover the truth. However, it is not reasonable to deny real science that plays out before your eyes. 

Right now, we do not have the complete picture of how cannabis and Covid 19 vaccines interact with one another, but there is enough evidence available for you to draw your own conclusions. Consider the following facts: 

  • Side-effects to the vaccine may occur, but according to the CDC, they are far less dangerous than continuing life without it. Rigorous studies have been conducted on animals, and now there are many human beings who also have the vaccine in their system, and some of the data shows positive results.
  • Heavy cannabis users report that they are less likely to get vaccinated than the rest of the population, but experts suggest that there is no reason to be fearful that cannabis use will disrupt the ability of the vaccine from doing what it needs to do [3]

Is the Cannabis Industry Offering Incentives to Take the Vaccine? 

The good news here is that the cannabis industry is more than happy to step up to do its part to encourage many more people to get vaccinated. Numerous companies and government entities have already done this such as Krispy Kreme offering free doughnuts to the vaccinated population and the state of Ohio promoting a lottery giveaway to those who get vaccinated. Likewise, the cannabis industry is offering freebies of its products where it is allowed to do so. Each company has set its own standards for who or when they give away free items and what exactly those items are, but some are in fact making the offer to those who have taken the time to get vaccinated. It is a great way to encourage more people to take the vaccine and to promote the cannabis industry all at once. 

Incentives are not going to pull everyone over the finish line, but they are a creative way to spur on some individuals who might not otherwise have bothered to get the vaccine. It is something that might look rather odd to certain parts of the world where the vaccine is not readily available but is in high demand. Sometimes it just takes a little prodding to get people to do something even if it has the potential to be beneficial.

More evidence will continue to emerge as more people are vaccinated and as this vaccine has a long history in general. Stay tuned to the latest developments as they come about. 


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Hemmfy articles and blogs are meant to entertain and educate. However, we are not medical professionals and do not intend to give medical advice through them.

The knowledge around CBD and other cannabis-derived products is growing and constantly changing, as does their legal status. Hence, we recommend checking with your local authorities and a licensed physician prior to consumption.

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