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Tips for a Great CBD Before-Bed Routine

If you’ve struggled with sleep most of your life,  then you know firsthand how painful it is to be tossing and turning all night. Every waken toss is a reminder about the sleep you’re not getting and all you can think of doing is walking around your room, trying to tire yourself out, knowing that too won’t work. 

This paints the picture of someone with sleep impairment issues. There are many reasons sleep is being prevented including diagnosed insomnia, stress, hyperactivity, or chronic pain unwilling to let you rest. And if you’ve lived through it, then you know how difficult it is to live without a good night’s sleep. 

In these cases of severe sleep loss, you might need a little help getting some rest. For some, help comes in the form of doctor-prescribed sleep pills, which can become addictive in some cases.  

In other cases, people resort to activities to reach a state of zen,  making it easier to stay still in bed until your brain finally shuts off for the night. These ‘activities’ are different for everyone and they range from reading and doing yoga to watching a movie or practicing a sport.


If you have chronic pain it could be that you cannot do as many physical activities as you’d like. In my case, I was an avid runner but after triple hip surgery, that sort of practice went out the window.

That’s when alternative practices like taking CBD before bed made an appearance giving me an entirely natural way of attaining physical and mental relaxationThe benefits of using CBD before bed still have to be confirmed, yet brands are still producing and marketing it as a natural sleep aid.

The Best Way to Take CBD for Sleep

There are many ways you can take CBD. But for better sleep, and after talking to your doctor, we recommend trying the following:

CBD Beauty Routine Before Bed

The best way to introduce a new habit into your daily routine is to pair that habit with a pre-existing routine. For many people that new routine would be using  CBD before bed.

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Many people already have a beauty or skincare routine they perform before bed and fortunately, there are tons of CBD topicals and CBD beauty products that you can incorporate into your beauty routine without too much modification. 

Vape CBD

Vaping CBD is probably a better option if you don’t like getting product on your skin and definitely the best alternative if you want a faster onset. Because CBD vapor reaches your lungs directly, it has a more direct route into your bloodstream. This type of application not only delivers that faster onset but also has better bioavailability than edibles, which need to get broken down once they reach the liver.

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Some CBD vape products like the disposable CBD vape pen mentioned above by Pure Potent CBD are specifically formulated with lavender, chamomile, and passionflower terpenes to help induce a state of relaxation and calm-perfect for a pre-bed routine. Brands also often use indica-specific hemp flower for sleep-in formulating products like this one.

CBD Sublingual Tinctures

Sublingual tinctures are a great option for consumers who don’t want to inhale vapor or smoke, or for those without a specific beauty routine. The good thing about CBD tinctures: their application is as easy as placing a few drops under the tongue.  They also deliver a faster onset than edibles because they do not have to make their way through the digestive tract.

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Does CBD Oil Help You Sleep?

As you already know, CBD is a non-psychoactive component most commonly extracted from the hemp plant due to the corp’s federal legal status. It is only one among 113+ cannabinoids found in cannabis.

Like any other cannabinoid, CBD carries a range of properties. While these said properties have not been conclusively proven by clinical or preclinical studies, it is believed that CBD can provide an array of benefits that we’re looking for such as better sleep, stress, and anxiety suppression.


Different results have been found by different people,  mainly due to the flexibility of CBD as a finished product. It can be taken in many different forms that include sublingual application, edible consumption, or inhaling. . Because CBD is non-psychoactive, it can also be consumed in larger quantities than THC and different doses may provide different feelings depending on the consumer’s tolerance.

In other words:

CBD may help you sleep better, but it is far from being a one-size-fits-all fact. Your best bet would be to visit a licensed physician who can address your specific situation and suggest the best option for your sleep issues.

How Much CBD Before Bed?

As briefly addressed above, the amount of CBD you take before bed should be defined by your physical condition (tolerance, weight, etc.), personal preferences, dose size, type of CBD product, and the time of day.

Some consumption methods will provide a quicker onset while other products take longer. Edibles tend to be slower while inhalables like hemp flower cigarettes and CBD vape juices provide a much quicker onset.

The reality is that the amount of pre-bed CBD  that you should take will ultimately depend on what you find to be more beneficial to your specific situation. What we can say is that high doses of 40mg and above have been found to provide sleepiness while smaller servings of CBD are often associated with energy and focus.

When Is the Best Time to Take CBD Oil?

Once again, this is a very personalizable answer. It will ultimately depend on what your reasons for consuming CBD are. In this case, we assume that you are consuming CBD for sleep, so in that case, the best time to do so would be to take CBD before getting into bed. How soon before bed will depend on your personal preference and previously stated factors. 

Final Thoughts

CBD before bed routines are highly customizable because of the wide variety of products available and the fact that everybody has a different way of reacting to CBD. While there are some standards you can follow to have a great CBD-induced sleep experience, the key takeaway is to visit a licensed physician who can assess your specific needs and also to understand your tolerance to CBD to optimize the effectiveness CBD has on your sleep cycle.

Hemmfy articles and blogs are meant to entertain and educate. However, we are not medical professionals and do not intend to give medical advice through them.

The knowledge around CBD and other cannabis-derived products is growing and constantly changing, as does their legal status. Hence, we recommend checking with your local authorities and a licensed physician prior to consumption.

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