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How to Use CBD in a Holistic Wellness Routine

Most CBD users began consuming CBD in the last three or four years since it was declared federally legal in the 2018 Farm Bill

Once it started gaining popularity, most people started taking it as a ‘hail mary,’ an attempt at relieving longtime discomfort that everything else was unable to address. Recognizing the successful healing relief that users reported from CBD, the cannabinoid rose in popularity in the U.S.


There are still misconceptions surrounding the proper use and application of CBD and many users, although noticing positive effects, are still misusing CBD in a way that its effects underperform, increasing the risk for unwanted side effects.  

That’s why at the Hemmfy CBD marketplace you can, not only buy CBD oil and find all of the CBD products you need, you can also learn the best consumption methods and recommended use for each product.

What Is CBD?

If you haven’t heard of CBD this late in the game then you’ve probably been living under a rock. More than a sudden popularity, CBD has had a steady rise to the top over the past three to four years since it was declared a federally legal product.

To the point that you can now find it standing on the shelves of some of your favorite stores. CBD shops and cannabis dispensaries are no longer the only places where you can find CBD products; retailers like CVS and Walmart are now some of the top CBD products’ main distributors in the country.

CBD Oils

In other words:

CBD has gone mainstream. Especially when it comes to products that aim to cater to general physical and mental health; the CBD wellness market is booming with CBD topicals and CBD edibles going viral as of late.

But even so:

There is so much information out there and new product launches every other day, that it can become confusing to keep up with what it is and even how to use CBD.

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that can be found in the cannabis plant. But predominantly found in the hemp plant; a non-psychoactive variety of the cannabis plant family.

CBD is considered a federally legal cannabinoid as long as it is sourced from legal hemp and the finished product has a Delta 9 THC content kept under 0.3% per unit of dry weight.

Potential CBD Benefits

The cannabinoid has become more socially adopted since becoming federally recognized. And as more users continue to apply CBD to relieve discomforts such as anxiety, sleep deprivation, pain relief, and even specific types of epilepsy,  companies have begun to invest in research and development for new product innovations and scientific research on potential benefits.

Not to mention the fact that it has certainly shown results in different areas. Mainly as an effective treatment for specific types of epilepsy and its use in anxiety, sleep deprivation, and pain relief.

That said:

Anxiety and sleep have quickly become the most important areas of interest for consumers as well as for manufacturers and brands. We’ve put together CBD product collections specifically to address stress and help get a better night’s sleep.

The Right Way to Use CBD

There is no one true way of using CBD.

The right use for you won’t be the right use for your neighbor. We all have different body types, tolerances, medical conditions, and other important variables that affect our body’s interaction with cannabinoids.  

The subjectivity of its use applies to how much CBD you take, when you take it, what your goal is with it, how much you’re taking, how often you need to be taking it, how much time you need it to last, and how fast you need it to act. Establishing these parameters helps determine which  CBD product to purchase and the product category you should be looking into.

CBD Oils & Tinctures

Some of the best CBD oils and tinctures available right here at Hemmfy:

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CBD oils can be combined with other essential oils, making them one of the most flexible CBD product categories available.


CBD oil can be taken any time of day. But because it can be combined with many other functional ingredients, it’s always wise to see how each brand markets their product.  Similar to drinking an energy drink, chances are you won’t want to take a CBD product meant for fast-paced activity late at the night.

Dose & Frequency

The dose should always be defined by a licensed physician who can address your case specifically. We do know that the dose with CBD oil is more bioavailable than it is with edibles, so you won’t have to worry about adding more on top to achieve the desired results. However, calculating doses with CBD oils is more difficult and you’ll always want to remember to shake the oil well before consuming it.

Frequency should also be defined by a licensed physician, but following the suggestions on the product label wouldn’t hurt either.


Oils and tinctures are usually aimed at people who want to feel the effects of CBD immediately and can’t wait for the digestive system to break down and absorb the cannabinoid. While CBD oil onset is not the swiftest of any category, it is among the quickest non-inhalable methods.

CBD Edibles

 Some of the best CBD edibles available right here at Hemmfy:

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CBD edibles target consumers who want to easily incorporate their CBD routine into their daily schedule. They’re also intended for people who want to substitute snacks and don’t want to savor the natural herbal taste of hemp extract. CBD edibles are a great option for people trying to take CBD regularly and are not pressed for time.


The best thing about CBD edibles is that they can be taken any time of day. While they might not be meal replacements, they can certainly do for a nice snack in between meals, a late-night snack, or in some cases, as part of larger meals either as an added menu option or included in the recipe. However, CBD edibles can also be manufactured with additional functional ingredients that serve a specific purpose, so make sure you follow the manufacturer’s advice.

Dose & Frequency

The dose should always be defined by a licensed physician who can address your case specifically. Edibles are usually the easiest to dose out of all CBD products because they come in accurately divided pieces. Whether it’s a single CBD gummy or a square from your favorite CBD chocolate bar, companies usually provide very accurate doses.

Frequency should also be defined by a licensed physician, but it would not hurt to follow the suggestions made by the brand on the product label. Because you’re also dealing with other edible ingredients, make sure that you’re not eating too many carbs, sugars, or other unhealthy ingredients too often.


CBD edibles take the longest of all the CBD product categories to act out. This happens because the food has to travel through the digestive system, where it gets broken down and a great portion of the ingested CBD may be eliminated by the body before it can reach the bloodstream.

CBD Topicals

Some of the best CBD topicals available right here at Hemmfy:

CBDfx 150MG CBD Cream Lotion

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CBD topicals are applied directly onto the skin. They act directly on the affected area of the body where they are applied to. Depending on the product,  the topical could enhance skincare or relieve sore muscles. Some CDB topicals are also made into shampoos and soaps, so their effects really depend on their intended purpose.


Topicals can be applied at any time of day. But they usually come with a very specific goal in mind, which means they also come with a very specific time of consumption.

For instance, if you are purchasing CBD pain cream, it's best to apply it at the end of the day. If your product is a CBD skin lotion, then you’re likely to apply it after you’ve showered and your skin is clean.

Dose & Frequency

The dose should always be defined by a licensed physician who can address your case specifically. Topicals are one of the hardest products to dose accurately. Brands will have a serving size, but unless they are CBD facemasks or CBD patches, you’re pretty much on your own for dosing and will have to go by feel.

Frequency should also be defined by a licensed physician, but it’s ok to go with the suggestions made by the brand on the product label.


CBD topicals have one of the slowest onsets unless they are made with nano-CBD. But a slower onset is not necessarily a disadvantage. In some cases, you’ll want a slower, more balanced release that allows you to keep the product on for a longer period of time.

CBD Vapes & Smokable Hemp Flower

Some of the best CBD disposables available right here at Hemmfy:

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CBD vaping and smoking usually target consumers who are looking for immediate effects. Whether it’s part of a stress relief ritual or part of your daily work breaks, inhaling CBD  is the quickest way to feel the effects of cannabinoids.


Vaping or smoking CBD can technically be done any time of day. However, we also recommend that you try to be smart about it. For instance, it’s probably not the best idea to be vaping and smoking before running a marathon.

Dose & Frequency

The dose should always be defined by a licensed physician who can address your case specifically. Luckily, e-juice is very easy to dose, especially if you’re using CBD vape additives or disposable vape pens that come with a specific amount of CBD and run out once the holding tank is empty. The same theory applies to CBD pre-rolls and even smokable hemp flower.

Frequency should also be defined by a licensed physician, but it wouldn’t hurt to go with the suggestions made by the brand on the product label. However, it’s best that you consult a licensed physician if you’re smoking or vaping every single day. While we can make recommendations for CBD intake, we can’t say much about the health implications brought on by frequent vaping and smoking.


Inhaling CBD provides a quicker onset than any other CBD product category. Because vapor and smoke entirely bypass the digestive system, CBD can reach the bloodstream directly through the lungs rather than making its way down through the digestive tract.

Hemmfy articles and blogs are meant to entertain and educate. However, we are not medical professionals and do not intend to give medical advice through them.

The knowledge around CBD and other cannabis-derived products is growing and constantly changing, as does their legal status. Hence, we recommend checking with your local authorities and a licensed physician prior to consumption.

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