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Oregon Cannabis Association And The Multnomah Public Defenders Office Team Up For State Expungement Day.

With the implementation of SB 420 and an expedited process for expunging marijuana crimes, the Oregon Cannabis Association and the Multnomah Public Defenders Office are joining together to sponsor a free expungement day. People with prior convictions that can be expunged will be teamed with lawyers to help them navigate the process.

Along with the expungement clinic, a job fair sponsored by NuLeaf Project, Goundworks Industries (owners of Serra, Electric Lettuce and Pruf Cultivar), and GreenForce Staffing, will be on hand to collect resumes and meet with potential employees.

“Oregon’s new law offering a much easier expungement process is a great opportunity for people to be free of criminal convictions and restore them to the lives they led before being sucked into the criminal justice system for minor, non-violent cannabis crimes. It is a fundamental value of the Oregon Cannabis Association to aid in these efforts and help people navigate the system and clear their records,” said Kim Lundin, Executive Director of the OCA.

 The event will be held on January 14th at The Commune from 1 to 5 p.m. It is free to attend and meet with lawyers, and the entities participating in the Job Fair.

 “We are committed not only to helping people expunge their records, but also inviting them to join our industry as we continue to work to normalize cannabis use and activity in our communities,” said Geoff Sugerman, Chief Compliance Officer for Groundworks Industries. “We have numerous jobs at all levels of our company available right now, and we hope to find our next great employees at the job fair while at the same time offering them a new lease on a life not marred by a criminal conviction.”

The January 14th event will be the first in a year-long Expungement Program, offering free clinics to help clear records.

Sean Hocking