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The list of potential benefits and effects attributed to CBD seems to grow longer as the years go by. Especially ever since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, where hemp-derived CBD was declared federally legal in the United States.

CBD has made a name for itself as the non-psychoactive, legal version of cannabis-derived products. For some, it has become their go-to muscle rub for superficial use while others use it as a part of a pre-bed routine for better sleep.

But not many understand why CBD has experienced this sudden rise in popularity. The answer is quite simple.

CBD is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant and is more predominant in its non-psychoactive legal variety-hemp. Nevertheless, CBD is also found in the more popular variety of cannabis- marijuana. Experts and cannabis companies began to ask what it may do for the consumer.

That said:

Cannabis companies have identified a very big business opportunity in CBD. They have set themselves to the task of understanding its effects and potential benefits, landing on a few popular uses for anxiety suppression and sleep enhancement that have propelled the notoriety of CBD into absolute stardom.

This has fed the fire for new products and new product categories.

While the most popular CBD products on the market are probably CBD oils and CBD vapes, there are several more. CBD can also be consumed as a CBD pre-roll or dry flower because the hemp flower has a naturally high CBD content. There is also the option of CBD topicals and creams for people seeking quick pain relief.

But the real reason why we’re here is CBD Edibles.


What Are CBD Edibles?

5 Ways to Take CBD Food Products

How to Eat CBD

How to Store CBD Food Products?

How Long Does It Take for CBD to Act?

What Are CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles are food infused with a calculated amount of CBD. Usually, the CBD is extracted from the hemp plant due to the non-psychoactive nature and legal status of this cannabis variety. 

CBD edibles don’t require combustion to activate the compounds in the recipe. When it comes to edibles, the compounds have been activated prior to the making of the food. CBD edibles are a popular option for CBD consumers who want to stay away from inhaling smoke and inaccurate doses. 

Making CBD edibles is a simple process. Dry and curated hemp flower is taken and processed to extract CBD hemp oil. This is the plant’s essential oil which contains a hefty dose of CBD mixed with other cannabinoids. The proportion of CBD to other component content is dependent on the extraction method used and the type of hemp strain.

Manufacturers take the resulting extract to infuse it into food. There are many different ways to include CBD in a recipe. Visit our blog if you want to learn more about CBD and skim through our CBD recipes for cannabutter and other CBD edibles.

5 Ways to Take CBD Food Products

You can find all the different types of CBD edibles on today’s market at the Hemmfy CBD marketplace. If you’re looking to buy CBD edibles at a great price from a trustworthy retailer, you’ve come to the right place.

Below are our suggestions for a few different products and methods to eat or drink CBD edibles.


CBD For The People
Green Tea Hemp Bags

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Green Tea is a natural diuretic and when combined with FTP’s high-quality CBD extract may provide balanced energy and serenity. Steep a tea bag in hot water for 3-1o minutes. These tea bags are very strong, so use the same tea bag twice in two different cups. If you drink tea because it helps you relax after a long day, pairing it with some CBD enhances that feeling of relaxation.

CBD Gummies

Mile High Cure
CBD Hemp Oil Gummies

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Mile High Cure CBD gummies come in 10 and 20 packs. Each gummy carries 50mg of premium, hemp-derived CBD. Each bag comes in 5 flavor options and is infused with full spectrum CBD extract. You can consume CBD as that t guilty pleasure that is a gummy only now, not as so guilty.

CBD Chocolate

CBDLiving Dark Chocolate Bar

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Nano CBD is the most efficient and quickest way to feel the effects of CBD. Each CBD chocolate bar from CBD Living is made with gluten free ingredients and pure broad spectrum hemp CBD extract. Each chocolate bar is split into 8 different squares, each one accurately dosed with 25mg of CBD, making for a total of 200mg of broad spectrum nano CBD in each bar. Now each time you feel like a chocolatey snack, pair it with a little CBD.

CBD Coffee

Allo CBD Bean & Bud Balance
CBD Coffee

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Bean & Bud infuses high quality Guatemalan single-origin coffee beans with 160mg of hemp-derived CBD.  Just brew your cup of coffee as usual and get a hefty dose of CBD besides the caffeine.

CBD Infused Drinks

ABlast Energy CBD
Powdered Drink Mix by Suth

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Energy drinks don’t have to be an unhealthy mix of taurine and sugar. This delicious powdered energy mix comes ready to dilute into a glass of your favorite drink. Each pouch is dosed with 30mg of broad spectrum CBD extract and provides a blast of CBDpowered energy.

How to Eat CBD

There isn’t really a best time or way to take CBD edibles. The reality behind it is that CBD is an extremely flexible and highly customizable compound.  It does for some what it might do differently for others.

Depending on how much, how often, and the time of day, CBD could deliver a variety of effects. CBD is said to be a very versatile component,  able to deliver feelings of drowsiness but also energy and focus.

That said:

If you’re trying to consume CBD to achieve better sleep, chances are you’ll want to take it in the evening and in higher quantities. If you’re targeting focus and energy, perhaps smaller doses throughout the day would be best.


This is not a firm standard. Because different people have different tolerances, a higher dose for some might be a low dose for others and vice versa. The best advice we can give is to consult with a licensed physician who can assess your case and objectives specifically. That way you can ensure that you are consuming CBD safely and adequately. 

Other than that:

Consuming CBD edibles is pretty simple and following your product’s label should point you in the right direction. Consume products like chocolates, gummies, teas, and coffees exactly the same way you would their conventional versions.  In some cases, consumers leave mints and gummies sitting under the tongue for a while so the CBD  can be absorbed through the pores, just as you would a sublingual CBD tincture.

How to Store CBD Food Products?

Storing CBD food products can actually be more complicated than consuming them. You should always store CBD edibles as indicated on the label, which sometimes means eating as fast as possible after opening and storing in a cold dry place out of direct sunlight. A refrigerator is a solid option, especially after opening.

How Long Does It Take for CBD to Act?

It ultimately comes down to the type of CBD product you take. While the size of the dose can have an effect on the potency of the product, it doesn’t have much influence on onset time.  

CBD edibles are perhaps the slowest acting of all CBD consumables. Because edibles have to go through the entire digestive process, it can take anywhere from 1-3 hours for the effects to kick in. Although, certain products like CBD Living’s Nano CBD Chocolate are quicker than others because of the type of CBD extract and extraction technology they use. 


CBD edibles are food and drink products that have been infused with an accurate dose of hemp-derived CBD. There are many ways to take CBD, but edibles are an increasingly popular method due to their practicality and convenience. The amount of CBD and time of the day you take it will depend on the issue you are trying to address. But one thing that all CBD edibles share in common; due to the digestion process, they are slow to show their effects before reaching the bloodstream.

Hemmfy articles and blogs are meant to entertain and educate. However, we are not medical professionals and do not intend to give medical advice through them.

The knowledge around CBD and other cannabis-derived products is growing and constantly changing, as does their legal status. Hence, we recommend checking with your local authorities and a licensed physician prior to consumption.

Simon Cartagena

Simon Cartagena is a full-time cannabis copywriter. This has led him to write for companies like Hemmfy.com where he acts as Senior Content Writer and other world-renowned cannabis publications. Simon has created Content Marketing strategies and articles that have helped company revenues increase by up to 1,000%. Simon’s goal is to help people understand cannabis in an industry where misinformation seems to be predominant.