What Is Dabbing CBD?

Dabbing has been around for a few years, now and still not many people understand its function & benefits nor distinguish its differences from vaping. 

We’re here to clear the air.


What Is Dabbing

Dabbing Best Sellers

The Dangers of Dabbing

Dabbing vs. Vaping

What Is Dabbing

Dabbing is the use of concentrated cannabis oil. Originally, dabbing was specifically reserved for Butane Hash Oil (BHO) with a high concentration of THC, and dabbing CBD was not something talked about. As the cannabis industry evolves, CBD products continue growing in popularity, quality, and variety. Eventually, this opened up an avenue for dabbing CBD oil.

In short:

Dabbing CBD is not that much different from dabbing BHO. It requires heating CBD-rich concentrates to the point where the substance vaporizes but doesn’t burn. Then, the consumer is free to inhale. 

All you need is to buy the right dabbing kit and dabbing CBD oil or concentrate, available on the Hemmfy CBD marketplace

Dabbing Best Sellers

Dabs are used with CBD concentrates and we want to do you justice and provide our recommendations off of our best selling list. 

Wild Bourbon CBD Dab by Redwood Reserves

Wild Bourbon CBD Dab
by Redwood Reserves

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Redwood Reserves is a farmer owned company that makes Oregon-grown, sustainable hemp flower CBD products. Their Wild Bourbon flavor provides a high potency CBD dab made from broad spectrum CBD extract for a completely THC-free experience.

Craft CBD Hemp Kief by Cascadia Hemp Company

Craft CBD Hemp Kief
by Cascadia Hemp Company

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The Cascadia Hemp Company is on a mission to bring you a curated selection of craft hemp and CBD products made from superior Oregon-grown hemp flower. Their Lifter Kief is a fine powder composed of CBD-rich trichomes that have been drysifted to 150 microns. Each batch contains hemp flower grown using only natural pest management techniques and zero toxic pesticides or herbicides.

CBD Crumble by Pinnacle Hemp

CBD Crumble
by Pinnacle Hemp

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Pinnacle Hemp uses all-natural full spectrum CBD extract in their products, including this fantastic CBD crumble specifically designed for a potent dab. They use hemp extracted from the highest quality hemp grown in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains to make this potent full spectrum CBD concentrate with 400mg worth of CBD content and strain-specific terpenes.

The Dangers of Dabbing

Dabbing can be dangerous. 

Especially if the person doing the extraction is not an expert. When done wrong, concentrates could end up with traces of unwanted chemicals especially if you’re dabbing concentrates that use butane as the primary extraction ingredient. To secure the quality and purity of your products, we encourage buying dabbing CBD products only from trustworthy retailers, like Hemmfy.

Producing your own concentrates is also an option but we advise letting the experts do their job if the extraction method involves solvents. You do not want to risk having trace amounts of solvents left in the final product.

That said:

These issues can be easily avoided by purchasing legal products that are compliant with FDA safety and quality standards. A few things to look for in your CBD dab products:

  • Third-party lab testing
  • High-grade solvents
  • Expert extraction 

Dabbing vs. Vaping

Vaping and dabbing are very similar but slightly different in some areas. These differences are primarily notable in the dab and vape devices, as well as the type of cannabis concentrates used for each one.

If you’re a seasoned cannabis or hemp consumer, it’s likely you will notice a difference in flavor and potency between the vaporizing methods for each concentrate.

Oil Rigs & Vape Pens

Oil rigs are used to dab concentrates like wax, budder, shatter, or others with a more solid appearance than regular CBD vape oil. Traditional oil rigs are glass water pipes.

These water pipes are designed to fit an adapter called a banger. Bangers can be made of metal or glass and they are heated with a blow torch right before you dab.

By using a dabbing tool, you place a portion of your concentrate on the banger which is already at a high temperature and will instantly vaporize your CBD concentrate. As you inhale, the vapor will make its way through the body of the oil rig into the mouthpiece.

Glass oil rigs are becoming less and less common with the evolution of the cannabis industry. Most dab rigs on the market are either electric or battery powered. They work in the same way as a glass oil rig but the banger is heated through electricity rather than a blow torch.

Dabbing CBD

Vape pens and vaporizers, on the other hand, are the main devices used to vape CBD oil. Unlike other concentrates, CBD vape oil is usually more liquid in consistency and comes in different flavors.

Vaporizing kits work by holding a certain amount of CBD vape oil in the tank and gradually delivering it to the coil. The coil is covered in cotton and heats up just enough to vaporize but not burn the CBD-infused vape juice.

Concentrates & Vape Juice

While concentrates and vape juices are similar, they are not exactly the same. Concentrates have a more solid texture and are not diluted into a carrier vape oil like a CBD vape juice would be. Vape juices have a more liquid consistency and are usually diluted into a carrier vape oil.

At Hemmfy, we carry the best CBD concentrates from top brands in the industry. In our lineup you’ll find crumble, shatter, wax, hemp kief, and much more, all of which you can use on your CBD dabbing accessory of choice.

We also carry an assortment of CBD e-liquid and CBD additives to dose your favorite vape juices with a touch of hemp-derived CBD.


Because dabs are done using concentrates, the strain-specific flavors and smells you get from a dab tend to be stronger than those from regular vape juice. Because the natural terpenes and other components in the hemp flower used to make the concentrate are much more concentrated, they tend to have a much stronger flavor profile.

Vape juice can also carry numerous flavors but the natural flavor and scent profile of the strain used to produce the extract is not as prevalent. This is why most vape juices are favored with additional ingredients of fruit, menthol, candy, and more.


Concentrates tend to have a much stronger cannabinoid content per unit of dry weight. So for every dab, the user will get more cannabinoids than a vaper would.

Hemmfy articles and blogs are meant to entertain and educate. However, we are not medical professionals and do not intend to give medical advice through them.

The knowledge around CBD and other cannabis-derived products is growing and constantly changing, as does their legal status. Hence, we recommend checking with your local authorities and a licensed physician prior to consumption.

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