Bionic Butterfly CBD

Bionic Butterfly is the flagship product line of Bionic Biotech Inc. The reason for this glaringly different name is because the team that brought this together strongly believes in both the beauty of nature and the precision of science. While we strive at all times to keep our products as close to 100% natural as possible, we do add a dash of good clean science from time to time.

This is why we often use the tagline The Best of Nature with a Dash Of Science. Our products make a difference because we care to make a difference. We got tired of seeing competitors putting out inferior and sometimes dangerous products. So while they went low and fight in price wars and misrepresentation on their labels, We decided to go high and focus on efficacy, purity and most importantly of all …. our customers well being.

Bionic Butterfly CBD differentiates itself from competitors by using a proprietary nanoemulsion process that makes the most bioavailable full-spectrum CBD in the industry. Our super nanotechnology makes our premium CBD oil up to 5x more effective than most competitors providing better value and results.