CBD Topicals & Lotions

CBD topicals are products that can be rubbed directly on the skin. Creams, salves, ointment, oils, and transdermal patches infused with CBD extract are all considered topical CBD products. CBD lotions, CBD balms, CBD creams, CBD roll-on, and CBD beauty products are some of the most popular topical products on the market today. In short, as long as the application of the CBD infused product goes on the skin (superficially), then it can be considered topical. These products may come in various formats and strengths which depend on product type and the brand’s recommendations.  The most popular uses for CBD topicals are associated with skincare and pain relief.

Using CBD topicals is very easy. Rub or spray directly onto the affected area and wait for the product to act. Topicals containing  CBD are valuable to users because they address a specific area on the body contrary to other methods like sublingual oils or edibles. Take a look at our extensive topical portfolio and allow us to ship your product today!

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