With backgrounds in global food and beverages, our team is innovative and research saavy. We have a passion for providing individuals with CBD Drink products to aide in increasing wellness! The team currently consists of 2 individuals, Jaime and Lise. After both ventured away from the corporate arena to start their own consulting businesses, their paths crossed again at a business event. This is where initial discussions concerning cannabidiol (CBD) began. They both agreed on the healing benefits and scientific research behind CBD but recognized that there was a lack of innovative product offerings in the CBD market. It became clear that the CBD marketplace needed a widely accessible and broadly appealing solution for consumers who were looking to increase their overall well-being through CBD without feeling overly medicated, foggy, or “high”. This is when CBD2GO CBD Drink Powder was born.

CBD2GO not only delivers the benefits of CBD but also added vitamins to deliver the most impactful on-the-go supplement. With 12.5MG CBD and 75MG caffeine per serving, you’ll stay focused and energized throughout the day.