The Kind Pen

The Kind Pen is a New Jersey-based manufacturer of dry herb.

Recognized as the industry’s movers and shakers by the big names such as The HighTimes and Vaping360, we’ve been delivering high-end vaping products to millions of customers worldwide for over 10 years. Our goal? To deliver to you the best possible vaping experience… whether you’re using dry flower, concentrates, or oils. You’re 100% covered when you use Kind Pen devices. 

Our vape pens are a superior (and affordable alternative) to crude resin-filled pipes and bongs. We believe our products have the perfect balance of potency with discreet portability, which is just a part of what makes them the best vapes for weed, CBD, and hemp. With five clicks and a deep breath, we aim to help you taste the world in a wonderful, new way.