CBD Wholesale Distributor

 CBD Wholesale Distributor

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Customers only purchase CBD when they feel safe. Our customers trust us and know Hemmfy to be a reliable retailer and home to leading brands that comply with our legal, safety, and high-quality standards.

Our brand attracts 71k+ different visitors a month, which will allow you to raise brand awareness and increase sales. ALL IN ONE STEP!

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Find Wholesale CBD Products That Align with Your Business

Deciding on the type of products you want your business to carry can be a difficult task. Hemmfy is here to guide you to select quality products that align with your business or customer’s needs. 

Why should Hemmfy be your ‘go-to’ CBD wholesale retailer?

You’ll find a vast array of trustworthy hemp wholesalers and CBD manufacturers, all in the same place. Not to mention, a team willing to answer all your questions and provide you with the highest level of service.

Low Prices Beyond Compare

We can guarantee competitive wholesale rates because of the incredible relationships we hold with countless CBD brands across the U.S.

Country-Wide Distribution

Because we have a body of customers that extends throughout the whole U.S. territory, our distribution ground plan has been designed to match those needs.

Home to the Best Brands in the Market

We pride ourselves in being a company that brands want to work with, and on that account, we’re able to offer CBD products from some of the best and most recognized brands in the industry. Our in house products team are actively seeking and introducing the newest brands in the CBD market,ensuring that our wholesale customers have the top leading brands to select from.

Hemmfy’s Insights in The CBD Market

Our company has partnerships with leading CBD companies in the industry. You can trust Hemmfy to know the trends, know the products, and have insight on what is happening next in the CBD industry.


Our Wholesale CBD Product Categories

Wholesale CBD Oils

Choose from a large portfolio of products made from full--spectrum, broad--
spectrum, or isolate hemp extract.

Wholesale CBD Edibles

Anything you can think of, we have it. From classic CBD infused gummies, chocolates, and candies, to the more innovative options like toothpicks, water, and tea.

Wholesale CBD Topicals

Our inventory offers a wide array of options for topical (on-skin) applications,
including balms, creams, bath, beauty, and skincare products.

Wholesale CBD Vape Products & Hardware

Possibly the most popular way to consume pure CBD oil and we have it all; e-liquids, oils, additives, accessories, devices, and vape kits.

Wholesale CBD Pet Products

A category that’s becoming almost as big and certainly just as important as
any product intended for human consumption. We offer products for horses,
cats, and dogs in almost any format.

Wholesale CBD Capsules

Pure CBD oil and hemp oil extract enclosed in 100% edible capsules that keep a strict dose size.