What Is CBN (Cannabinol)?

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CBN is an interesting cannabinoid compound. Whereas most cannabinoids and terpenes are synthesized from the cannabinoid CBGa within Hemp’s resinous flowers, CBN doesn’t form until the flowers begin to decay and oxidize. Specifically, CBN is formed when THC is exposed to heat and oxygen, making it a byproduct of THC and the only cannabinoid not directly derived from CBG. Learn More

Benefits and Properties Of CBN

CBN acts similarly to other cannabinoids within the body by primarily targeting the endocannabinoid system. Research indicates that CBN binds with cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2, with a higher affinity for CB2 receptors. It has also been seen to activate vanilloid receptors (TRPV2) and endocannabinoid tone. Clinical research on CBN is mostly limited to experimental animal models, but early findings indicate that Cannabinol has unique properties, including anti-bacterial (MRSA resistant to antibiotics), neuro-protectant, hypotensive effect on intraocular pressure (eye pressure) Anti-inflammatory. Learn More

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CBD Broad Spectrum

CBD Broad Spectrum CBD Oil refers to CBD that contains vital secondary cannabinoids and terpenes whilst being THC free. Removing THC from the equation can be beneficial for people with concerns about drug testing or potential psychoactive effects of the trace amounts of THC in Full-Spectrum CBD. THC-free CBD oil is always recommendable for pets such as dogs and cats, as animals may be much more sensitive to the side effects of THC. Learn More

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CBN And Sleep

If you’ve read anything about CBN online, then you’ve likely been told that it’s the “sedative cannabinoid”. However, regardless of what advertisers would have you believe, this effect may not be entirely attributable to Cannabinol alone. The concept that CBN is a powerful sedative-like substance isn’t exactly accurate. According to famed cannabis researcher, Dr. Ethan Russo – “Pure CBN is not particularly sedating, but it is typically found in aged cannabis in which the monoterpenoids have evaporated leaving the more sedating oxygenated sesquiterpenoids.” Terpenes, such as Myrcene and Linalool, are aromatic compounds found in Hemp, Cannabis and other plants, which are known to have sedative-like properties. Further research dating back to the 1970s also suggests that it may be CBN in combination with THC that is responsible for the sedative-like properties observed from aged cannabis, rather than CBN alone. Learn More

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CBN YouTube Reviews

Check out a few short videos showcasing CBN industries most popular advocates Here you will find a range of information from medical doctors, white board animated videos and much more!