Drop of Sunshine Belly Balance CBD Tincture

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Drop of Sunshine Belly Balance CBD Tincture is CBD Isolate

About Drop of Sunshine Belly Balance CBD Tincture:

Belly Balance is here for you and your belly. The added isolated terpenoids inside this tincture allow your body to work in harmony together. As the terpenoids attach to your endocannabinoids they allow your stomach to feel balanced organically.

Our Full Spectrum Hemp CBD is a pure, effective way to take care of yourself as you roam this earth. We here at Drop of Sunshine believe that each and every one of us is an artist who brings something positive to this world. Which is why we infuse our products with the power of essential oils and herbs that grow naturally. Allowing our bodies to absorb and heal from the organic power of mother earth.

  • 500mg = 16mg of CBD.
  • 1500mg = 50mg of CBD.
  • 2500mg = 83mg of CBD.

 How to Use: Take 1 to 4 Droppers daily, or as needed, under the tongue.

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Full Spectrum CBD Products contain 0.3% or less THC per serving. These products are trace amounts of THC and are legal in the United States.

About Drop of Sunshine CBD:

Here at Drop of Sunshine, we believe we are all artists creating beautiful works. Whether you are a painter, sculptor, construction worker, mother, or father, we understand your journey matters, which is why all our products are for you. We make quality products with all-natural ingredients and more importantly… with love. We here at Drop of Sunshine actually care about you. All our hemp is derived from our farm in Kentucky, where our founder is originally from. We hope you enjoy a Drop of Sunshine from Venice Beach with a hint of good ole Kentucky twang.

Because CBD has such wide-ranging benefits, no CBD product is going to be right for everyone. Whether you’re seeking relief from joint pain, anxiety, or just want to chillax, we’ve got a product that can help you find what you’re looking for. From fast-acting tinctures that get into your bloodstream quickly to delicious CBD infused honey to help you maintain a healthy, delicious lifestyle, there’s a Drop of Sunshine for everyone.