BLAZ CBD Menthol Hemp Smoke

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About BLAZ CBD Menthol Hemp Smoke:

The Menthol Blaz Hemp Smoke comes in one of two packaging options: a 10-pack carton or a single pack with a total of 20 single smokes, each wrapped professionally with naturally harvested, U.S. grown hemp flowers. Lightly mentholated for the non-herbal enthusiasts that like their puffs to taste like more than just hemp.

  • 100% hemp-filled pre-rolls
  • Smooth, Lightly Mentholated Cigarettes

A Blaz Hemp Smoke gives you the option of skipping grinding and rolling, an activity that can be fun but sometimes also a pain in the behind if you’re not great at it. BLAZ CDB understands this and takes care of that need with a Blaz Hemp Smoke, pre-rolled to perfection and filled with a rich menthol taste that splits the day in half.

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Full Spectrum CBD Products contain 0.3% or less THC per serving. These products are trace amounts of THC and are legal in the United States.


Blaz CBD makes some of the best hemp cigarettes in the industry. BLAZ CBD cigarettes are crafted using premium U.S.-grown hemp that has been expertly farmed, dried, and cured.  These hemp cigarettes are one-of-a-kind smokes that only carry 0.3% THC, zero harmful chemicals, nicotine, or lung-filling liquids. To paraphrase the words of the company, BLAZ CBD cigarettes represent the sparky, visionary personality of hemp consumers who want to focus on life’s creative aspects by providing a vehicle to enhance artistic flow. At Hemmfy you’ll find everything from BLAZ menthol hemp smokes to their natural-flavored packs.