(20pk Carton) Natural Hemp Smoke by BLAZ CBD

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About (20pk Carton) Natural Hemp Smoke by BLAZ CBD:

BLAZ Hemp Cigarettes in one of two packaging options: a 20-carton or a single pack with a total of 20 single natural BLAZ Hemp Cigarettes. Each cig is professionally wrapped and made with naturally harvested, U.S.-grown hemp flowers. The natural flavor selection is formulated thinking of consumers that like the herbal flavor a hemp cig has.

  • 100% hemp-filled pre-rolls
  • 60mg of CBD per Cig
  • Naturally Flavored

BLAZ Hemp Cigarettes give you the option of skipping grinding and rolling, an activity that can be fun but sometimes also a pain in the behind if you’re not great at it. BLAZ CDB understands this and takes care of that need with a Blaz Hemp Cig, pre-rolled to perfection and filled with a rich natural taste. A product that imitates what a regular cigarette smoker is used to, but without the harmful nicotine.

Full Spectrum CBD Products contain 0.3% or less THC per serving. These products are trace amounts of THC and are legal in the United States.


A Blāz smoke is proudly plant-powered. Crafted from premium quality USA Hemp, expertly farmed, grown, dried, and cured. Our smokes are one of a kind, made with the smoker in mind, designed to result in that experience smoking was meant to feel like, rich in hemp goodness without the effects of THC.

With only .3% THC, we have pioneered the next direction of smokes – all of the benefits of hemp with no harmful chemicals, no addictive nicotine, no lung-filling liquids, and none of the side effects of THC. Blāz is the new wave of smoking. Blāz reflects the dynamic doers, the daredevils, the sparky personalities, the visionaries that radiate personal expression. Whether it’s a prop for your next photoshoot or the catalyst between the canvas and a late-night masterpiece – Blāz pays tribute to the creative process, provoking an endless artistic flow.