Blowfish HHC Vape Cartridge 1G

Brand: Blowfish

About Blowfish HHC Vape Cartridge 1G:

Welcome to the world of Blowfish HHC Vape Cartridge, where exceptional taste and performance meet. Our cartridges are 510 compatible, featuring a glass tank and ceramic core, ensuring a smooth and satisfying vaping experience. Each cartridge contains 1 ml of total extract, boasting 92% Full Spectrum HHC oil and cannabinoids, and 8% terpenes for an enthralling flavor profile.

For optimal use, pair the HHC vape cartridge with a 510-compatible battery (sold separately). Allow your customers to experience the exceptional blend of taste and potency with Blowfish HHC Vape Cartridge and elevate their vaping journey.

Blowfish HHC Vape Cartridge Features:

  • Get in 10-pack orders.
  • Made using hemp.
  • 1000mg HHC.
  • 1ml / cart.

Blowfish HHC Vape Cartridge Flavors:

  • Pina Colada: Tropical bliss in every puff.
  • Fruity Pebbles: Sweet and colorful delight.
  • Strawnana: Perfect blend of strawberry and banana.

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