Blue Widow Hydro HHC Cartridge by Delta Extrax (Former Delta Effex)

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About Blue Widow Hydro HHC Cartridge by Delta Extrax (Former Delta Effex):

Delta Effex has changed its brand name to Delta Extrax and all Delta Effex products will follow suit. If you’re a Delta Effex fan, worry not, the only thing that is changing is the brand name. Quality, safety, and product designs will remain exactly the same.

Hydro are premium Delta Extrax HHC carts made with hemp-derived HHC. As part of the hydro collection, you’ll experience premium HHC with the taste of the perfectly curated strain-specific hemp that was used to obtain it. Each hydro cart is made up of a 1ml pre-filled vape cart containing 1g of HHC. You can purchase Hydro carts as part of a 10-pack box.

  • 1g HHC
  • Sativa hybrid strain

Hydro Blue Widow uses a strain bred from a cross between the Blueberry and White Widow strains, providing a sweet and pleasant aroma with a sour, almost citric taste.

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About Delta Extrax:

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