Bona Voluntate HHC-P - HHC Gummies


About Bona Voluntate HHC-P - HHC Gummies:

Experience the powerful boost of our Rocket Pop HHCP + HHC Gummies, expertly crafted to provide a potent yet well-balanced effect. These gummies are carefully formulated to offer a robust experience without overwhelming intensity, ensuring a delightful and enjoyable journey.

Infused with a mouthwatering Rocket Pop flavor, these gummies make consuming HHCP and HHC a delicious treat. Each gummy packs roughly 35mg of potency, delivering a consistent and reliable experience.

In each pack, you'll find 10 gummies, conveniently packaged for your customers' enjoyment. These gummies are perfect for those seeking a stronger impact without compromising on taste or quality.

Wholesale orders are welcome, allowing you to provide your valued customers with this exceptional product that's sure to fly off the shelves. Elevate your vape shop's offerings with Rocket Pop HHCP + HHC Gummies today.

Bona Voluntate HHC-P - HHC Gummies Features:

  • Made using HHC-P & HHC.
  • 30mg / pc.
  • 10 pcs / bag.

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    About Bona Voluntate: High quality products that you can trust! Located in Spring Lake, Michigan.