CBD For The People Dark Softgels

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About CBD For The People Dark Softgels:

Have you ever had an unrefined full-spectrum CBD capsule? …Probably not. Welcome to noids by CBD For The People. “The rawest, most potent CBD capsules on the market.” Why are they so dark you say? Because they’re made of 100% unrefined full-spectrum CBD! 100% additive and preservative-free!

Full-spectrum CBD is not created equal. CBD is dark when extracted from the hemp plant. This is the raw, unrefined state. It takes a lot of refining to make the oil golden and pretty like most other companies on the market. Cannabinoids, nutrients, and terpenes are lost at every stage of the refining process. Basically, the darker the oil the better!

Dark, Unrefined, full-spectrum CBD contains the most cannabinoids, the most terpenes, and the most plant nutrients over any golden refined oil. We keep it real dark, real raw and real potent.

Unrefined = Real results!

As always, we continue to offer amazing products that are affordable for the people. If you trust our brand and are familiar with our products… hey, we haven’t let you down yet.

Grab yourself some noids and keep it raw, the way nature intended.

Suggested Use: Take 1-2 capsules daily. Increase as needed.

Full Spectrum CBD Products contain 0.3% or less THC per serving. These products are trace amounts of THC and are legal in the United States.

About CBD For The People:

Full-spectrum lab results at every step of extraction. Certified non-GMO and organic ingredients. Traceability from seed to shelf. Raw oil is supercritical CO2 extracted and decarboxylated. Tested 100% free of residual solvents, microbiological contaminants, pesticides, and heavy metals to ensure product perfection.

Why is our pricing so affordable? Because CBD is not about huge profits, it’s for the people! Everyone should be able to grow this in their backyard, but we live in confusing times. So until that day comes, we aren’t here to make millions. We are here to put CBD into the hands of those who need it most, but can’t afford it. It’s about time someone offered a high milligram, quality, lab-tested CBD product with an easy price tag.

We take care of the people first, and the people take care of our business. We work hard to offer a top-shelf quality product at an affordable price. CBD is and has always been for the people. Remember to smile, love your life, and live every moment to the fullest! We hope our CBD can help you do that in some way!