Chesterfield Hemp Boax Hemp PreRolls

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About Chesterfield Hemp Boax Hemp PreRolls:

Flavor Profile: Earthy sandalwood aroma, citrus exhale.

Our CBD hemp flower is grown in the state of Virginia by the most reliable and seasoned farmers, producing a quality product we guarantee our reputation on.

Our CBD flower is both machine run and hand trimmed.

Uses: pain, nausea, stress, balanced stimulating relaxing effect

Available:  Boax Pre-roll 16.93% CBD smokable hemp pre-roll in Raw cone

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Full Spectrum CBD Products contain 0.3% or less THC per serving. These products are trace amounts of THC and are legal in the United States.

About Chesterfield Hemp Co.:

Chesterfield Hemp Co. produces top quality CBD hemp flower in 5 strains. Consisting of Lifter, Boax, Midwest Jupiter, Cherry Wine, and Berry Blossom. Our product is packaged in beautiful glass jars, heat seal wrapped properly and labeled in a very professional manner, while still maintaining a trendy appeal.

Chesterfield Hemp Co. is the sister company to Vape Guys Inc.

In 2019, Vape Guys Inc was recognized by Inc. 5000 as one of the country’s newest and fastest growing companies. As a result, from the success of Vape Guys Inc, the company decided to expand, bringing to life Chesterfield Hemp Co