Delta 8 Vape Device by Delta Extrax

Brand: Delta Extrax

About Delta 8 Vape Device by Delta Extrax:

From top to bottom, every facet of our Delta 8 THC Vape Pod has been designed with complexity, despite the device boasting robust features and superior convenience. Though on the outside it may seem simplistic, the device features a very intricate design, ranging from shape to custom cutouts that allow you to view your oil level. Every piece has been engineered and designed flawlessly, and it starts with the compact design that makes the device super portable and easy to use.

The vape pod stands mere inches tall. Its vertical stance and slim waistline allow for a heightened level of comfort while maintaining just enough room for a complex level of circuitry and ‘vibrant’ features. While its structure is certainly stunning by showing off minor details, such as the cutout for viewing the current oil level, it is only the beginning of what this Delta 8 THC Vape Pod has to offer.

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