Eclipse CBD Pet Salmon Oil Tincture

Brand: Eclipse CBD
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About Eclipse CBD Pet Salmon Oil Tincture:

We at Eclipse absolutely love our pets; in fact, they probably live a better life than we do! So why not make our pets feel better too? Our 300mg pet tincture is made with only natural ingredients, just how mother nature intended. We also use zero propylene glycol, which means it’s safe for both dogs and cats!

  • Natural ingredients: CBD Isolate and Salmon Oil.
  • Absolutely no propylene glycol.
  • Safe for cats and dogs.
  • Included veterinarian-approved dosing chart.
  • Do not use if pet has a salmon allergy.
  • Made with Salmon Oil. We don’t exactly know how this tastes (probably a good thing) but every pet that’s had it has loved it!

Ingredients: 100% Natural CBD Isolate, Salmon Oil

Give your starting dose at breakfast time based on your dog's weight, and then administer every 4 hours as needed.

If the starting dose does not meet desired effects for:

  • 5-40 lb - double the number of drops.
  • 50lbs+ - increase the dosage by 50% increments until the desired result or maximum dosage.

Absorption rates for this product rely on myriad factors, and there is a limit to what is effective. Taking more than this limit will not produce a stronger effect. The starting dose may be appropriate for some dogs, while the maximum is required by others. The severity of symptoms will determine the amount needed, and the frequency of administration.

Not for sale in the state of California.

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About Eclipse CBD:

Better shouldn't taste bitter.. There are hundreds of other CBD companies out there with a plethora of different formulations. Some taste okay, while others taste bitter like earthy medicine. At Eclipse CBD, we have proven that delicious CBD products are not impossible.. and we know you will agree.

We source our CBD isolate from only the best hemp farms. By only purchasing isolate extracted by CO2 instead of ethanol-based processes, we keep our quality as pure as possible. Our Full Spectrum is made from only the best organically grown Hemp farms to give you the highest quality CBD and a full spectrum of the lower Cannabinoids and Terpenes.

Don't risk failing a drug test. Many CBD products contain deltas that change into THC when exposed to sunlight. Our products are manufactured to mitigate these concerns. Eclipse CBD manufactures high-quality products in bulk without huge price tags. Our products are available to customers online and bulk rates are available for vape shops, dispensaries, and more!