The Happy Kit "Original" Kit With Travel Case

Brand: The Happy Kit
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About The Happy Kit "Original" Kit With Travel Case:

This is the original, where it all began. In the beginning, we thought to ourselves “how can we package happiness?” and then we set out to create something remarkable. This is what we came up with.

There is nothing worse than wanting to light up, but you can’t find anything you need. This sleek and portable case comes loaded with everything you need right at your fingertips.

Congratulations! You’re everyone’s new best friend!

So what does it include?

  • The Happy Kit Travel Case
  • The iconic Happy Kit case is a smell proof and waterproof hardshell case designed from the ground up to best hold and protect your smoking goodies.
  • 3-inch glass pipe
  • This is where it gets fun. In each kit, there is a beautiful and unique 3-inch glass pipe. (Please note that each case gets a unique pipe, and therefore will differ from the picture on our site)
  • Plastic magnetic grinder
  • A grinder that is ready to take anything you put in it. It’s magnetic, which allows for a smooth grinding experience while making sure nothing gets lost in the process.
    • Waterproof plastic joint protector
    • Sometimes you’ve got to roll and go, but you can’t risk losing or damaging your joint
      • 1 1/4" rolling papers
      • You know what these do, we sometimes call them happy papers. The paper that gets us more excited than gift wrapping paper. But, if you think about it, you are kind of wrapping (or rolling) a gift.
        • The Happy Kit Dime Bag
        • The perfect, discreet, place to keep your tobacco, or otherwise ;)
          • Filter tips
          • Any stoner, toker or casual smoker knows that filter tips are a must-have. It keeps your joint together and takes the harshness down a notch. So we included a whole bunch of them for your smoking pleasure.
            • One hitter pipe
            • Sometimes, one hit is all you need. This is for those times.  
              • Space is underrated, that's why we’ve left a bit of free space for you to be able to fill your Happy Kit with any extra happiness you can think of.

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              About The Happy Kit: Happy Kit is the ultimate travel smokers kit, a smell-proof and break-proof case that includes all your smoking essentials so you're ready to smoke on the go. Now you can take Happiness with you, Happy Kit will be your new best friend.