HHCbies HHC Disposable

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About HHCbies HHC Disposable:

HHCbies are rechargeable disposable vape pens. Each of them designed with 1ml tanks and dosed with 99% HHC, a cannabinonid naturally found in hemp. HHC is a non-synthetic component of the cannabis plant and eventhough its effects are similar to those of THC, it is not considered a type of THC. This means it is completely legal for consumption on a nationwide level. HHCbies disposables come in 3 different possible flavors that include Limoncello, Churro OG, and Papaya Gelato.

  • 99% HHC
  • 1ml tank
  • Draw-activated

The three different flavors allow you to get the best out of every puff you take. Limoncello for a refreshing, citrusy flavor, Churro OG if you’re a fan of sweet vapes, and Papaya Gelato if you enjoy a tropical, yet creamy taste. These disposables are rechargeable and draw-activated for a more convenient and complete user experience.

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About HHCbies:

HHCbies is a FL based company that makes unique vape flavors like ChurrOG (great with coffee) Papaya Gelato (great all day) and Limoncello(great all night).

HHCbies also makes delicious gummies that taste and feel amazing. All products are shipped from our warehouse in South Carolina.