Oil Recovery Kit by Honey Stick Vaporizers

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About Oil Recovery Kit by Honey Stick Vaporizers:

The oil recovery kit is a witty product from Honey Stick Vaporizers that ensures you won’t waste any leftover concentrate in your vape pod or cartridge. The Recovery Kit brings two filling syringes, two syringe caps, a 3ml mixer liquid, and four blunt tip needles so you can suck out thick or thin oil from the vape tank.

  • Works on broken tanks, dead vape cartridges, and non-working vape pens

Any experienced vaper will know that a certain amount of concentrate is inevitably left in the tank for some reason or another. With the Oil Recover Kit from Honey Stick Vaporizers, you’ll be able to ensure wastage keeps to a minimum and cartridges save for a longer lifespan.

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