HQD CBD Tangerine Disposable Device

Brand: HQD CBD
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About HQD CBD Tangerine Disposable Device:

HQD Disposable Device Tangerine is what you want when you want a sweeter citrusy taste than an orange but with the same orangey fruit taste. This light portable vape device has 1.4ml of that wonderful tangerine goodness. Packed with 250mg of CBD, this powerhouse flavor is capable of reducing your stress, anxiety, pain, and inflammations and still be able to leave you with a sweet smile, thereby brightening your day and mood. Get out your sunglasses and enjoy the sunshine that can fit in your hand. HQD Tangerine Disposable Pod System.


  • Material: Aluminium + ABS + PC
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 1.4ml
  • Battery Capacity: 280mAh
  • Size: 100 x 20 x 7mm
  • Resistance: 1.8ohm
  • Approx: about 300 puffs
  • Voltage: 3.7V
  • Power Range: 7W~12W
  • 250mg CBD


  • Propylene Glycol
  • Natural and Artificial flavoring
  • CBD

What's in the package: 

  • 1 Disposable Vape Device
  • 1.4ml serving
  • 250mg CBD.

Full Spectrum CBD Products contain 0.3% or less THC per serving. These products are trace amounts of THC and are legal in the United States.

About HQD CBD: HQD is a CBD company established back in 2015, and regardless of their short lived age, HQD has always been committed to bring the best vape experience to your vaping hands. This includes high standards in terms of quality, flavor, and service. But HQD stands out because it adapted the comma kit, the first pod system kit with a digital screen and was among the first brands to commercialize it in mass.