Hydration Fuel CBD Health Food by Floyd’s of Leadville

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About Hydration Fuel CBD Health Food by Floyd’s of Leadville:

Optimizing your performance begins and ends with hydration. Specially designed for workouts where water alone won’t cut it, Floyd’s of Leadville Hydration Fuel contains THC-free CBD isolate and other essential ingredients designed to help you reach your peak potential.  

Each serving of Floyd’s of Leadville Hydration Fuel contains 5mg of  THC-free CBD isolate, 30 grams of complex, non-GMO carbohydrates, and 3 grams of BCAAs in addition to an electrolyte blend to replace the nutrients lost through sweat.  

For best results take our Hydration Fuel 30 minutes prior to your activity as well as during exercise. To replace depleted nutrients, take after exercise.  


  • 50mg CBD per bag.
  • 5mg of CBD per packet.
  • 5mg of CBD per serving.
  • 30g/ serving of complex, non-GMO carbohydrates.
  • 3g/ serving of BCAA.
  • 2.5g/ serving of Glutamine.
  • Electrolyte blend.
  • D-Ribose.

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About Floyd’s of Leadville CBD Products:

Floyd’s of Leadville is the result of a long journey from chronic pain and depression to health and well being. Floyd is passionate about helping others who may be experiencing physical discomfort, anxiety, or depression. That’s why he carefully developed a premium CBD product line to help people get over the pain and back in the game.