Jasmine White Lilly Patchouli Bomb CBD Bath by Strofi Wellness


About Jasmine White Lilly Patchouli Bomb CBD Bath by Strofi Wellness:

There's No Angry Way To Say Bubbles! Purely Relaxing, delicate scents of jasmine, white lily, and Indonesian Patchouli help freshen your skin and your mind. Coupled with hemp-derived CBD, Pure will wind down your body's tensions and help bring you to a place of inner peace, breathe, relax, and enjoy.

How to use:

Our team crafted custom Hand Crafted Hemp-derived bath bombs fizzers. Making each ball up to 5 oz of fun! Fill your tub with warm to hot water (temperature of water not specified, based on daily temperature tolerance). Soak for 30-45 Minutes until warm water gets cold or fingers get pruney. Allowing the mixed essential oils and natural hemp-derived will absorb in your skin.

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About Strofi Wellness: Strofi Wellness is a Family operated company. All our products are cultivated in the United States. The meaning behind the word that defines our company “Strofi” comes from the Greek language and when translated it means “To turn”. Our turning point is to inform, educate, and help people “To turn” any stressful, negative, or difficult situation positive, relieving & calming.