Orion Dry-Herb Vaporizer by The Kind Pen

Brand: The Kind Pen
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About Orion Dry-Herb Vaporizer by The Kind Pen:

The Kind Pen is a brand known for manufacturing mechanically reliable devices that will ensure a high-quality vape session that goes with your high quality, and let’s not forget valuable hemp flowers. The Orion pen is explicitly made to vaporize dry herbs. It covers an extensive range of temperatures that ensures you will find the correct one depending on the type of flower strain you’re consuming (360 to 420 degrees F.).

  • Convection Heating Technology
  • Zero Combustion
  • Fast heating

With the fast heating feature on this pen, wait around 30 seconds until the pen is vaporizing at the wanted temperature. By vaporizing, you are avoiding inhaling harmful combusted material into your lungs. The convection heating technology ensures you do not burn through your flower but that you’re slowly vaporizing the trichomes on your flower into a slowly cooled down vapor that seeps smoothly into your lungs.

Full Spectrum CBD Products contain 0.3% or less THC per serving. These products are trace amounts of THC and are legal in the United States.

About The Kind Pen:

The Kind Pen has quickly become one of the world’s most trusted brand names in the industry by producing vaporizers for all sorts of CBD products, including dry-herb and a wide array of CBD concentrates. With their incredible product portfolio there is no vaping device you won’t be able to find under The Kind Pen label that doesn’t meet your needs and your quality standards. A discreet and portable solution that does not compromise on potency.