Revival CBD Active Tincture

Brand: Revival CBD
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About Revival CBD Active Tincture:

Active Revival is our high performance, high milligram tincture/additive product. Being both a tincture and an additive, its diverse applications allow you to use it in many ways. Tinctures are used sublingually, meaning placing the required amount under the tongue, wait 30 seconds or more, and then swallowing. As an additive, it can be used in coffees or teas, or infused in any recipe you desire!

This product comes in a glass bottle with a marked graduated dropper, for easy dosing.

Active Revival is a Vegan-friendly Keto-friendly style of tincture designed for activity. High milligram options at 33.3mg/ml, 50mg/ml and 66.6mg/ml. Active Revival is suitable for those who need powerful CBD to suit the power moves in life.

Ingredients: 100% All Natural Cannabidiol (CBD) Isolate, MCT oil.

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About Revival CBD: At Revival, we take pride in the quality of the ingredients we use to manufacture the best CBD on the market. With a vast inventory of the most adequately priced products, we can assure we have something for you! All of our products are QR coded to link directly to batch reports from our 3rd party testing partners at Evio Labs. Revival CBD is an American company that strives to ensure quality, transparency, and traceability are our core values.