The Kind Pen Weezy Concentrate Vaporizer

Brand: The Kind Pen

About The Kind Pen Weezy Concentrate Vaporizer:

Made from high-grade materials and equipped with a turbo-heating, pop-up ceramic chamber, Weezy wax & concentrate vaporizer is the #1 choice of in-the-know vapers!

Why Choose Weezy?

  • The completely ceramic atomizer delivers excellent flavor every time.
  • Advanced 15-second ‘sesh-mode’ (super-fast heat up for intense sessions).
  • Pop-up atomizer for quicker and easier loading and cleaning.
  • Mouthpiece with magnetic connections (won’t come off in your pocket).
  • Long battery life that will get you through the day without recharging.
  • Excellent for wax and other dabs (crumble, shatter, and resin).
  • Easy and intuitive one-button operation.
  • Durable construction & high-quality polished finish.
  • Includes a packing tool & a child-proof glass wax jar.

The Kind Warranty – other companies are offering a 1-year warranty at best. At the Kind Pen, we’re so confident in our products that we’re not afraid to cover them with a lifetime warranty! For more information on this best-in-the-industry deal, please go here.

We took your old, boring wax vaporizers and created Weezy, a state-of-the-art vape that’s fun, practical, and discrete. Say goodbye to burnt and wasted vape material, dead batteries in the middle of a session, and sticky hands — this baby has a compact and powerful 700mAh built-in battery designed to get you through the day without recharging AND a pop-up ceramic atomizer that’s easy to fill and clean. Grab your Weezy today, take it for a spin, and find out why it can run circles around those overpriced wax vaporizers that cost an arm and a leg (and end up ruining your material).

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About The Kind Pen:

The Kind Pen has quickly become one of the world’s most trusted brand names in the industry by producing vaporizers for all sorts of CBD products, including dry-herb and a wide array of CBD concentrates. With their incredible product portfolio there is no vaping device you won’t be able to find under The Kind Pen label that doesn’t meet your needs and your quality standards. A discreet and portable solution that does not compromise on potency.