CorVash Farms CBD

CorVash Farms is a brand that keeps true to its founding principles; developing quality products from full-spectrum hemp derived CBD extract. Not only that, but they’re willing to submit themselves to the test by being truly transparent, providing ways to verify product quality and safety at every stage of their manufacturing process. Safety that CorVash Farms is able to guarantee by keeping true to the purpose of using CBD; finding a safe formulation that utilizes 100% natural ingredients from the whole hemp plant with no unwanted additives.

But what really sets CorVash Farms apart from its competitors is that their motivation to be in the industry stems from a positive personal experience that the company’s lead cultivator - Anthony Rushford - had, and it’s the will to duplicate this positive experience on other people that keeps the company running. Not only that, but throughout the last 30 years, Anthony has accumulated a growing collection of cannabis seeds and knowledge that is applied to the careful cultivation and ongoing discovery of hemp seeds within the CorVash Farms’ machine.