New Day Hemp Farm

New Day Hemp Farm is located in the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside outside of Gettysburg.  In a hidden, pristine and nearly untouched piece of land, we are sowing the seeds of the future.  Our hemp is grown on land that started as virgin ground before we began growing certified organic tree fruit in 2008.  Farmer Mike, a horticulturist with 20 years of experience, spent many years perfecting growing wine grapes and organic tree fruit.  With an experienced hand, Mike is bringing his knowledge and creativity to the hemp field.  Our 2019 crop will consist of three high-CBD hemp strains from Oregon CBD genetics:  Lifter, Special Sauce & Hawaiian Haze—all USDA Certified Organic.  

Hemp is found to absorb heavy metals at a very high rate.  Hemp grown in polluted soil will carry some of these toxins.  Hemp has even been planted in China and Russia to clean up radioactive and toxic soils.  Every soil can potentially have the presence of natural heavy metals, however, buying organic hemp will give you the assurance that you are not consuming dangerous man-made pollutants.  Just like buying local at a farmers market, it’s beneficial to know where your hemp is grown.