Blue Label Naturals Peppermint Candy CBG CBD and CBDV Tincture

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About Blue Label Naturals Peppermint Candy CBG CBD and CBDV Tincture:

Our Peppermint Candy CBG and CBD tincture is one of kind in the CBD market and is extremely affordable. We spent months formulating a proprietary recipe for this product which is a blend of 99.99% pure CBG and CBD isolate, 9 natural terpenes extracted from a variety of plants, coconut oil, and natural and artificial peppermint flavorings. All of these components combine flawlessly with the end result being a delicious and highly-effective hemp-derived product. Our Peppermint Candy tincture is excellent for stress and anxiety relief, muscle aches and pains, relaxation, appetite stimulation, a restful night’s sleep, and much more! And not to worry, this product contains zero THC!


  • Oral or topical CBG, CBD, and CBDV tincture.
  • Used to help with muscle and joint discomfort, appetite balance, promoting a restful night of sleep, relaxation, and managing the stress and anxiety of everyday life.
  • Naturally flavored with extracted terpenes.
  • 99.99% pure CBG, CBD, and CBDV isolate.
  • Bottle size: 60ml.
  • Available Strengths: 500mg CBG / 1000mg CBD | 1000mg CBG / 2000mg CBD | 2000mg CBG / 3000mg CBD.

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Full Spectrum CBD Products contain 0.3% or less THC per serving. These products are trace amounts of THC and are legal in the United States.

About Blue Label Naturals CBD:

Our mission at Blue Label Naturals is simple. To manufacture the highest-quality CBD products using the purest and most natural ingredients available and then distribute these products at the lowest prices possible.

We are true believers in the numerous benefits of CBD, and therefore want our products to be easily accessible for any potential customers.

We stand by our products 100%. With years of manufacturing experience, we have scientifically formulated our products to be highly effective and pleasant to use. All Blue Label Naturals products are guaranteed to be 100% THC-free!