CBD Axis Hemp Pre Rolls

Brand: CBD Axis

About CBD Axis Hemp Pre Rolls:

CBD Axis provides premium hemp flower and rolls over 1.5g of available strains in each RAW king classic cone. RAW papers are truly naturally unbleached paper and have no added chalk or dyes.

We provide a verity of strains to choose from throughout the harvest season with CBD potency ranging from 12% – 20% CBD. These come packaged in a clear glass tube with black top.

Available Strains: Blue Genius – 13.85%, Cascade – 20.57%, Electra – 14.10%, Harley Quinn – 13.83%, Hawaiian Haze 17.64%, Hemptress – 17.92%, NYCBD DISEL – 15.41%, Sour Head – 13.27%, Suver – 19.57%, Lifter 19.32%.

Full Spectrum CBD Products contain 0.3% or less THC per serving. These products are trace amounts of THC and are legal in the United States.

About CBD Axis:

CBD-Axis Provides a wide range of Smokable Hemp flower Products. This includes outdoor and greenhouse flowers in multiple sizes. Hemp pre-rolls, cigars, infused pre-rolls, Isolate infused pre-rolls, roll your own kits, and Hemp Concentrates.

We spent yours searching for the best hemp farms in the industry. Now we partner with farmers who share our passion for meticulously grown plants and sophisticated products. By working together, we developed a legal, premium-grade CBD hemp flower that tests with .3% Delta 9 THC.