Is Cbt The Next Big Cannabinoid?

Cannabicitran: CBT or CBT-C

Learn about cannabacitran or CBT and discover the best CBT products available.

CBT is the latest cannabinoid to catch the spotlight. Learn about this new cannabinoid available in CBT oil and CBT extracts from 420Beast. 

What is CBT?

CBT is a cannabinoid compound produced within the sticky resins of mature Hemp flowers. 

CBT is short for Cannabitriol and it’s one of the primary cannabinoid compounds found in Hemp. Researchers, Obata and Ishikawa, first discovered Cannabitriol in 1966, but the molecular compound wasn’t fully isolated until a decade later in 1976.

To date, scientists have confirmed the presence of at least nine different types of CBT, each with just a slight variance in molecular structure. 

CBT-C, or Cannabicitran, for example, is another type of CBT often confused with Cannabitriol due to the similar acronym. 

Interestingly, researchers have learned that CBD-rich Hemp plants produce higher amounts of CBT compared to THC-rich cannabis plants. However, it isn’t fully understood if this is due to extraction methods causing the molecular change or natural genetic expression.

Is CBT Legal?

CBT and CBT-C are not scheduled under the UN Convention on Psychotropic Substances, nor are they listed as Scheduled Substances under the Controlled Substances Act in the USA. 

As long as CBT or CBT-C does not contain THC content over .3% it is not considered cannabis or marijuana. CBT, CBT-C, CBG, CBN, and other minor cannabinoids are definitively legal. 

Where to buy CBT Products?

You can shop and buy CBT bulk and CBT wholesale CBT tinctures, CBT oils, and CBT extracts by clicking the link here. (Coming soon)

CBT oil and tinctures are typically sold online by reputable retailers or in medical hemp and cannabis dispensaries. Always make sure to validate the potency, purity, and chemical composition of cannabinoid products by using third party lab results. 

How to Extract CBT?

CBT is synthesized within the trichomes that grow on the flowers, or calyxes, of female Hemp plants. The cannabinoid-rich trichomes are separated or extracted using a variety of methods such as ethanol and supercritical CO2 extraction. 

Specifically, chromatography machines are used to separate and isolate the individual molecular compounds extracted from Hemp, including CBT and CBT-C. 

What is CBT used for? 

CBT is a cannabinoid generally formulated into tinctures and oils, but can also be found in extract and concentrate forms. 

Little is fully confirmed in regards to the CBT’s potential effects and benefits. It is confirmed that CBT has a molecular structure similar to THC; however, CBT isn’t associated with any psychoactive effects. 

One 2007 study published in the Journal of American Chemical Society explored catalytic antibodies capable of degrading THC into CBT with vitamin B2 and singlet oxygen –

“Cannabitriol was identified as the major degradation product of THC degradation, demonstrating the ability of an antibody to catalyze a complex chemical transformation with therapeutic implications for treating marijuana abuse. ”

Unfortunately, the little pre-clinical studies available on CBT don’t tell us much about the compound’s potential properties or CBT’s benefits. Most likely, CBT is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that may potentially reduce the effects of THC within the bloodstream.  

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