The Ultimate CBD Gift Guide for Pets this 2020

As pets continue to become an increasingly important part of our traditional families, they also start to gain importance on gift lists for the holidays. The only problem with that is finding a gift worth giving to your furry friend. Sure, you could get them traditional treats, bandanas, and all the things you already usually buy them. Or you could go with something a bit more special, solving a potentially debilitating condition and making their day-to-day much better.

CBD is a new product gaining popularity in the pet industry. Mostly because of the incredible amount of positive feedback received from pet owners who are using it on their pets worldwide. There have been many potential benefits recorded on all sorts of animals, but especially on mammals, including humans and pets alike.

What is CBD for Pets?

While CBD acts relatively similar in most mammalian organisms, there are significant differences between CBD formulated for pets and those products specifically meant to be consumed by humans. CBD products for both pets and humans are made using the same basic techniques. For instance, if we're talking about edibles, then they are both infused with CBD extract. If we're talking about sublingual drops, then chances are to formulate the CBD itself between one product and the next is not all that different.

The real difference between them lies in the additional active ingredients and flavorings used on CBD for pets compared to CBD for humans and vice versa. The fact is that humans and pets' bodies interact with CBD in a very similar fashion, but pet treats end up being quite different from what you or I would consider a snack.

The traditional product categories also split up CBD for pets, including topicals, edibles, and oils. Perhaps the only type not shared between us and pets are vaping products.

Why is CBD a Good Gift for your Pet?

We've already briefly commented on this, but it's worth discussing the subject a bit further. All mammals interact with CBD in a very similar way. All mammals share very similarly designed endocannabinoid systems (ECS).

The ECS is the system of the body that takes the lead on interacting with incoming cannabinoids. In short, whenever CBD enters the bloodstream, it is the ECS that interacts with it and activates its effects on the body. This system works the same way for you as it does for your dog or cat or happens in a very similar way. The benefits that pets can get from CBD are the same as those humans get. CBD is a mostly safe substance for all mammals, as mentioned by the WHO

CBD products for pets can come in various flavors that animals love. It doesn't have to be a bland herbal taste. There are so many different flavors and options that we've decided to make a few lists that will point you in the right direction.

Best CBD Edibles for Dogs

1. Bacon & Cheese CBD Dog Treats by Pinnacle Hemp

Pinnacle Hemp Bacon & Cheese CBD Dog Treats

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Pinnacle CBD has crafted a flavorful pack of bacon & cheese dog treats infused with CBD that will have your best buddy looking forward to treat time. Each treat package is made with full-spectrum extract and comes in two different strengths; 60mg and 120mg of CBD per pack. Non-GMO, third-party tested and certified organic dog treats.

2. Infused Dog Treats by Verma Farms CBD

Verma Farms CBD Infused Dog Treats

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Verma Farms CBD infused steak bites are made in the U.S. using nothing but 100% natural ingredients and come with 100mg of total CBD per container. With this Verma Farms product, you can rest assured that your pup will be behaving well if he knows what’s at stake.

3. Doggie Peanut Budder by Veteran Grown Hemp CBD

Veteran Grown Hemp CBD Doggie Peanut Budder

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If there’s anything that our pups love more than a nice piece of steak, it’s probably peanut butter. This Veteran Grown Doggie Budder comes in an 8oz jar with 400 total mg of CBD. Easy to administer and convenient to store; this Doggie Budder is a Hemmfy customer favorite.

Best CBD Edibles for Cats

1. Nano CBD Cat Treats by Pure Hemp CBD

Pure Hemp CBD Nano CBD Cat Treats

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It is difficult to find a treat cats enjoy. Pure Hemp Yummy Cat Treats seem to have that problem solved with a deliciously crafted treat that includes 250mg of total CBD content. Each jar contains 164 total treats made with 99% pure CBD Isolate.

2. CBD Freeze Dried Chicken Pet Treats by Hemp Health Inc.

Hemp Health Pharma Hemp CBD Freeze Dried Chicken Pet Treats

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These flexible, all-natural freeze-dried chicken treats suit both cats and dogs. Dosed with approximately 160mg of total cannabinoids per baggie and professionally formulated to suit your pet's biology.

Best CBD Alternative Products for Pets

1. Bacon Flavor Pet Tincture by Avid Hemp CBD

Avid Hemp CBD Bacon Flavor Pet Tincture

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When it becomes too difficult to find a pet treat that your buddy wants to eat, then full spectrum pet oil by Avid Hemp might be your best option. This dropper bottle dosed with a total of 1,000mg of hemp extract and infused with delicious bacon flavor is one of Hemmfy customers fan favorites among pet owners.

2. CBD Pet Shampoo by Mainstream CBD

Mainstream CBD Full Spectrum Pet Shampoo

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A fragrance-free shampoo infused with full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD extract that provides you as an owner a practical way of dosing your pet with CBD. Cleaning your furry buddy is a chore that you already probably do. Why not make it a chance to kill two birds with one stone?

3. Health and Wellness Pet Spray by Pure Hemp CBD

Pure Hemp CBD Health and Wellness Pet Spray

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Health & Wellness has managed to put together an oral pet spray that makes sublingual CBD application much more manageable. If you’ve ever used CBD drops on your pet, you might have run into a restless little fellow that can’t seem to stay still. This pet spray infused with pure hemp CBD turns CBD time into a quick and convenient event.


When it comes to CBD gifts for pets, the difference between them and human CBD products is not much in terms of CBD itself. The main difference between human and pet CBD products are the additional active ingredients used for pets and the types of flavors. Another main difference is that pets don't usually go around vaping anything. While vaping CBD is one of the most popular methods for humans, it's a nonexistent category in pets products.

CBD is mostly safe to experiment with for both humans and pets. However, please discuss with a licensed veterinarian before deciding to dose your pet with CBD.

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The knowledge around CBD and other cannabis-derived products is growing and constantly changing, as does their legal status. Hence, we recommend checking with your local authorities and a licensed physician prior to consumption.

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