The Perfect CBD Gift Guide for Dad in 2020

Our parents are likely one of the essential parts of our lives. Sure, sometimes we can get into menial arguments with them that feel as annoying as anything we’re able to think of, but at the end of the day, these are the people that put us through school, college, and most importantly, the people who looked after us all our lives.

Now that we’re grown-ups and potentially starting our own families, it feels like it’s time to repay some debts. We don’t mean money debts; we mean it’s our time to take care of our parents.

With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about a gift to give dad to make him feel special. Perhaps there’s a few pains and aches he’s been dealing with that he hasn’t been able to shake. Or maybe work has his stress levels shooting through the roof. These are all things that you can aid. 

We can’t think of a better way to show your appreciation towards dad than making his life healthier, happier, and stress-free.

Why is CBD the Best Gift for Healthy Dads?

Cannabidiol has an ample variety of beneficial properties. Sure, most of these are yet to be confirmed by science, but countless ongoing research studies point towards positive feedback on the substance. Likewise, anecdotal evidence and recorded interactions of consumers with CBD have brought forward a constant flow of stories recounting how CBD has changed so many people’s lives for the better.

Some of the main properties associated with CBD so far are helping reduce convulsions, seizures, managing pain, stress, anxiety, and helping reach a more reparative sleep state. These are just some of the effects that some consumers have noticed CBD has on their bodies.


It is worth noting that none of these supposed benefits have been conclusions of official preclinical or clinical studies. Additionally, every single person has different physiology and potentially different medical conditions that could alter the way CBD, or any other substance for that matter, interacts with their body. At Hemmfy, we strongly suggest that everyone thinking about consuming CBD first consult with a licensed physician to address your specific needs.

Regardless of that suggestion, cannabidiol has been deemed a mainly safe substance by the WHO, and most people who experiment with it do not develop dangerous or uncomfortable side effects.

Best CBD Gifts for Active Fathers

1. CBD Pure Vita C Serum by Pure Hemp CBD

Pure Hemp CBD
Pure Vitamin C Serum

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A 30ml dropper bottle filled with up to 20mg of some of the purest CBD extracts per container. Each Pure Hemp CBD Serum is infused with vitamin C to take your dad's healthy lifestyle to the next level. Combining CBD's benefits with the immune-boosting properties of vitamin C, dad will always be ready to head out and destroy his days.

2. CBD Pain Salve Holy City Remedy

Holy City Remedy
Rapid Relief Formula
CBD Pain Salve

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If there’s one thing we’re sure about is that an active lifestyle is beneficial, but it can come with muscle pains seeming unbearable at times. Holy City Remedy has concocted a CBD pain salve formulated explicitly for rapid pain relief, made up to 1000mg of full-spectrum CBD extract. This pain salve is just what every sports fanatic dad needs to keep going.

3. CBD Gel Capsules by Kore Organic CBD

Kore Organic
CBD Gel Capsules

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Capsules are one of the best ways of making sure your body receives a precise amount of CBD. Kore Organic CBD capsules provide an incredibly accurate dose of anxiety relief, pain reduction, mood-enhancing properties made to suit even the most energetic dads.

Best CBD Gifts for Restless Dads

1. CBD Capsules Melatonin by Pure American Hemp Oil

Pure American Hemp Oil
CBD Capsules Melatonin

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Pure American Hemp Oil makes a Zero THC capsule product filled with premium CBD extract, completely vegan, and topped with an additional dose of melatonin to give dad that extra bit of relaxation he needs to get to bed. The reality is that as dads grow older, it becomes increasingly hard to get a good night’s sleep. Pure American Hemp Oil has done a pretty decent job avoiding that.

2. Baked Custard CBD e-juice by Harmony CBD

Harmony CBD Baked
Custard CBD eJuice

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Being a dad doesn’t mean that you have to act old. Harmony CBD makes one of the most delicious vaping CBD e-liquids in the market today. This baked custard e-liquid comes ready to open and refill your vape pen cartridge. This e-liquid might be a good idea to give as part of a package with a new vape pen.

3. The Very Happy Kit

The Happy Kit
The Very Happy Kit

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If we ought to take anything from the last item on the list, dads don’t have to act old just because they’re dads. This kit says it all and would make the perfect gift if your dad is into smoking hemp. The Very Happy Kit comes with a top of the line grinder, a beautifully crafted glass pipe, and a few other gadgets a serious smoker will surely appreciate.


If you’re looking for a product to give dad as a gift this holiday season, a gift that will allow him to live a healthier, happier life, you’ve found a decent candidate in CBD. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant that has been attributed with an extensive array of benefits and is legal in all 50 states around the U.S. The product categories that CBD has to offer are endless, including edibles, drinks, sublingual oils, serums, topicals, pills & capsules, and vaping products. We might go as far as saying that there is a CBD product fit for any dad.

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Hemmfy articles and blogs are meant to entertain and educate. However, we are not medical professionals and do not intend to give medical advice through them.

The knowledge around CBD and other cannabis-derived products is growing and constantly changing, as does their legal status. Hence, we recommend checking with your local authorities and a licensed physician prior to consumption.

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